# Matters of matter --- This site contains some preliminary material related to my current research: theories of matter in the early fourteenth century.^[This research is part of the project <a href = "https://www.kuleuven.be/onderzoek/portaal/#/projecten/3H200199">"Studying Medieval Hylomorphism Whole,"</a> KU Leuven Internal Fund, grant C14/20/007.] It is, obviously, a work in progress (and, as of the fall of 2021, in its early days) – if someone finds here something useful, great; if not, then maybe check back later. There is also far less academic rigor on these pages than there would be on printed ones. While the most general concept of matter – more specifically, prime matter – seems relatively straightforward in an Aristotelian framework, the devil is in the details, and those are what I am trying to tackle. How many *kinds* of prime matter are there? Are the celestial bodies composed of the same kind of matter as we are? What is matter like? What about its potency? Does it essentially have its potencies or are those accidental to it? These are just a few of the questions medieval thinkers addressed in various works. By looking at a considerable number of sources, we are also trying to figure out whether these questions – and their answers – showed any diversity along the lines of usual compartmentalizations (religious orders, geographical location, faculties of arts and theology, etc.). - [[Collection of primary sources | Where the matter-related questions were discussed]] - [[Question List | What all these questions were]] - [[Topical question list | Some thematic orientation]] - [[▫️ The Problem of Celestial Matter | The problem of celestial matter in particular]] - [[▫️ About these transcriptions | Transcriptions of some relevant texts]] ```co There are a lot of dead links on these pages. They are dead because they point to notes that I have not made public either for copyright reasons or because they are too rudimentary or useless for public purposes. ``` [Go back to my regular website](http://zitavtoth.com) --- ```zvta ©️ Zita V. Toth 2022 ```