# About the Oracleia --- *The Oracleia is an interconnected webwork Oracle of the Muses...* It is a labyrinth of gateways, to the realities of imagination. You can think of it as a RPG ( role-play-game ) with the muses giving you the role that opens the way to your desired reality. The Oracleia is dedicated to the [[0 - She who is mysterious|the devine feminine]], the mystical origin of heaven and earth. It´s aim is to hand you the keys to enter the ever expanding realm of possible realities – to connect the inner world with the outer one – a magical interface between you and the spirits to manifest the eternal dance of existence. The Oracleia is autopietic and **not** bound to any traditional ties, like western occultism, witchcraft, wicca, eastern shamanism, etc. - She is [[31 - She who is self determined|self determined]]. As such it is not rooted in some ancient past – but in the here and now, and its aim is not to preserve some old traditon in a “museum of magic” – but to bring magic into a form of the present that is connecting and embracing the time of technology and change and anthropocene that spirits are experiencing NOW.