This is a page tracking layoff information for the video games industry. You can reach the creator of this site either via email [[email protected]] or on twitter: @dekaf While there is a website dedicated to general tech related layoffs, this one is specifically tailored for the games industry and aims to provide detailed information and tracking information. Current Information tracked includes: - Best estimate / count for affected employees - Date of layoff - Parent company (if a subsidiary) - Source of information # Thanks to Thank you to the people who have reached out to help fill out and correct some of the information I've collected, or to report ones that I've missed. Special thanks to [Jordan Fragen](, for offering to take the time to help fill out some of the listings I had. I appreciate it. ## Sources Listings are typically posted only when there is a clear source available, either 3rd or directly (from former employees on LinkedIn and Twitter.) That source is posted if publicly available. That said, if you are an individual that has been linked to on Twitter / LinkedIn and don't feel comfortable with that - please reach out and I will remove it. # F.A.Q **How accurate is this information?** This page should not be considered as a singular source of truth. The numbers, unless officially given are best estimates (usually rounded down), along with general dates that follow a similar rule. One thing to note is that this is information based from my personal network and news articles - so there are gaps that may not be covered super well (such as smaller studios in regions like China or MENA). **I think this page is vastly under reporting layoffs. There were over 10,000 from Microsoft, and 21,000 from Meta this year. Why isn't that reflected here?** Currently development, and related studios are looked at. If a larger company with gaming studios - such as Meta, Microsoft and Sony, have layoffs - this page will only include impacts to those divisions (or best estimates). Folks are always welcome to go to []( for larger tech related layoffs. At the moment, the page does not track: eSports orgs and media websites. This will likely change in 2024 but right now the focus is solely on development and I think both media and eSports have had good coverage of impacts.