![[Header#^header-embed]] > [!SUMMARY] About our: > - owner & author; > - his motivation; and > - the website's financial arrangements. ## Owner, researcher & writer [[Thrale.com 🏠|Thrale.com]] is owned, written, researched and maintained by David Thrale of Hertfordshire, England. ![[david-thrale-2015.png]] <div class="caption">David Thrale by Elise Thrale, 2015.</div> [My family tree](https://www.thrale.com/sites/all/libraries/tng/getperson.php?personID=I364&tree=tree01). ### Why am I doing this? Initially, I wanted to learn about new-fangled websites and HTML. I planned to post a few family pictures, the little information I had about Thrale family history and a few links to other websites. But you know how it is, things snowballed! I have enjoyed learning so much about my family history and cracking each technical challenge that comes with developing a website. I'm delighted with what I have achieved - and judging by the feedback so are you. I still have loads of ideas for improving things, and the kind comments I receive from visitors spur me to do more. ## Finances I do this for fun. I pay all the costs of this site. I - David Thrale - personally pay all costs of: - hosting the website; - purchasing books; - purchasing web-hosting software: - my time researching; - my time maintaining the website. I do not: - sell any content; - sell or share any information about visitors; - host any advertising; - monetise the website in any way. ## About David Thrale I am married to Michelle and have three fantastic (adult) children: - Natasha; - Elise; and - Ethan. ### Work I am a [Chartered Environmental Health Practitioner](https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Environmental_health_officer) with an additional occupational health & safety qualification. I have been: - Chair of the Safety Advisory Group for the National Stadium (Wembley); - a Food Standards advisor to the UK's National organisation [LACORS](https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Local_Government_Regulation); - a founding Director of the Association of London Environmental Health Managers Limited; - a founding Trustee for the Association of London Environmental Health Managers; - an authorised Inspector under section 19 of the Health & Safety at Work etc. Act 1974; - Head of Service for a larger unitary London Borough for 10 years; - assisting local authorities on an advisory, interim or consultancy basis since 2017. ### Personal life I enjoy: - family history; - music; - reading, [my recent reads here](http://bit.ly/1hxwGwb); - using technology; - family life; - keeping fit (although age has, alas, stopped me from playing 5-a-side football). ### Contact Sometimes others send me information or queries, and where possible and appropriate I will use gratefully information provided by others to enhance the website. > [!INFO] My current public email > [email protected] > [!warning] > To prevent misuse of my public email address by spammers, I occasionally change my public contact email address. My current active contact email will always be updated here. ![[Footer#^footer-embed]]