![[Header#^header-embed]] > [!SUMMARY] >[[Hester Thrale née Salusbury|Hester Thrale]] wrote of her daughter [[Sophia Thrale]]'s verses … > [!QUOTE] Hester Thrale. [[Thraliana]] 6 August 1780. > The other two Girls leave me tomorrow they will do very well; Sophy has a Turn for making Verses, bad enough to be sure, yet such a Turn shews Genius in a Girl who was nine Years old only a fortnight ago. The following is one of her Attempts forsooth upon a wild [Convolvulus](https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Convolvulaceae) which She picked up here between [[Brighthelmstone]] & Rottenden[^1]. ## Convolvulus > Fairest Product of the Field, > Scent and Fragrance thou dost yield, > Oh lovely, beauteous Flow’r! > Thy Charms indeed are more than I can tell, > They please the Sight, the Sense, the Smell, > And shew thy wondrous Pow’r.— > [!INFO] Other verses by [[Sophia Thrale]] … >**Streatham** which is reproduced on page 84 of Merritt's book _Piozzi Marginalia_ > >and from her mother's late scrapbook: >- **Minced Meat for Pyes**; and >- **[[Harriot]]**. ## See also #history/person/THRALE/sophia-born-1771 #history/person/SALUSBURY/hester-lynch-born-1741 ![[Footer#^footer-embed]] [^1]: [Rottingdean](https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Rottingdean).