# Global Filter > [!tip] > Since Tasks 3.5.0, a new [[Global Query]] facility has been added, which offers a lot more flexibility than the Global Filter. ## Optional Global Filter You can set a global filter in the settings so that Tasks only matches specific checklist items. For example, you could set it to `#task` to only track checklist items as task if they include the string `#task`. It doesn't have to be a tag. It can be any string. Leave it empty to regard all checklist items as tasks. Example with global filter `#task`: ```markdown - [ ] #task take out the trash ``` If you don't have a global filter set, all regular checklist items will be considered a task: ```markdown - [ ] take out the trash ``` > [!warning] > If you use a tag such as `#task` as the global filter, you cannot add sub-tags to that tag. ## Settings for the Global Filter The following settings in the Tasks Options pane control the vault's global filter. Note you must restart Tasks after changing any settings here. ![settings-global-filter](../images/settings-global-filter.png) Image of the settings options for the global filter, showing the default settings.