# Getting Started ## Finding tasks in your vault Tasks tracks your checklist items from your vault. The simplest way to create a new task is to create a new checklist item. The markdown syntax for checklist items is a list item that starts with spaced brackets: ```text - [ ] take out the trash ``` Now Tasks tracks that you need to take out the trash! > [!Info] > You can write tasks using any of the following list styles: > > ```text > - [ ] task starting with a hyphen > > * [ ] task starting with an asterisk > > + [ ] task starting with a plus sign > > 1. [ ] a task in a numbered list > ``` > [!released] > Support for tasks with `+` was introduced in Tasks 4.5.0. To list all open tasks in a markdown file, simply add a [[About Queries|query]] as a tasks code block like so: ````markdown ```tasks not done ``` ```` ## Adding data to your tasks (optionally) Now you have a list of all open tasks! This is enough to get started with tasks. You can _optionally_ start using one or more of the other features that Tasks offers. Like, for example, [[Priority|priorities]] or [[Dates#Start date|dates]]. This Tasks User Guide almost entirely uses Emoji to add data to your tasks. However, if you prefer to use text instead of Emoji, see [[About Task Formats]] for other options. ## Easy editing of tasks A more convenient way to create a task is by using the `Tasks: Create or edit` command from the command palette. You can also bind a hotkey to the command. The command will parse what's on the current line in your editor and pre-populate a modal. In the modal, you can change the task's description, its due date, and a recurrence rule to have a repeating task. You can find out more in [[Create or edit Task|‘Create or edit Task’ Modal]]. See other pages in 'Getting Started' for more details on due dates and recurrence, and many other features. You cannot toggle a task (un)done in the modal. For that, do one of the following. ## Completing tasks There are two ways to mark a task done: 1. In preview mode, click the checkbox at the beginning of the task to toggle the status between "todo" and "done". 2. In edit mode, use the command `Tasks: Toggle Done`. - The command will only be available if the cursor is on a line with a checklist item. - You can map the command to a hotkey in order to quickly toggle statuses in the editor view (I recommend to replace the original "Toggle checklist status" with it). - If the checklist item is not a task (e.g. due to a global filter), the command will toggle it like a regular checklist item. A "done" task will have the date it was done appended to the end of its line. For example: `✅ 2021-04-09` means the task was done on the 9th of April, 2021. ## Limitations and warnings ### Restart after updating Tasks plugin > [!warning] > Whenever Tasks behaves in an unexpected way, **please try restarting Obsidian**. ### Multi-line checklist items > [!warning] > Tasks only supports **single-line checklist items**. The task list rendered through this plugin **and** the checklist items from which the task list is built render only the first line of the item. Text after the first line in a multi-line checklist item is ignored (but is unaffected in the stored `.md` file). This works: ```markdown - [ ] This is a task - This is a sub-item - Another sub-item - [ ] And a sub task - Even more details ``` The following _does not work:_ ```markdown - [ ] This task starts on this line and then its description continues on the next line ``` We are tracking this in [issue #2061](https://github.com/obsidian-tasks-group/obsidian-tasks/issues/2061). ### Tasks in Numbered lists Tasks can read tasks that are in **numbered lists**. > [!released] Reading tasks inside numbered lists was introduced in Tasks 1.20.0. For example: ```markdown 1. [ ] Do first step 2. [ ] Do next step 3. [ ] Do following step ``` Editing and toggling tasks in numbered lists works fine: the original number is preserved. > [!warning] > However, when these tasks are displayed in tasks blocks they are displayed as ordinary bullet list items. This is because they will usually be displayed in a completely different order than in the original list, often mixed in with tasks from bullet lists. The original numbers in this case just don't make sense. ### Tasks in Blockquotes and Callouts <!-- force a blank line --><!-- include: snippet-callout-titles-bug.md --> > [!Warning] Warning: Obsidian bug in versions 1.6.0 to 1.6.3 has caused some tasks not to be found > See [[Missing tasks in callouts with some Obsidian 1.6.x versions]] for how to ==make Obsidian 1.6.5 fix its metadata cache==, in case it was broken by earlier 1.6.x versions. <!-- force a blank line --><!-- endInclude --> Tasks can read tasks that are inside [blockquotes](https://www.markdownguide.org/basic-syntax/#blockquotes-1) or [Obsidian's built-in callouts](https://help.obsidian.md/How+to/Use+callouts). > [!released] Reading tasks inside callouts and blockquotes was introduced in Tasks 1.11.1 > [!warning] > However, under the following very specific circumstance, Tasks cannot add or remove completion dates or make the next copy of a recurring task: > > - Obsidian is in **Live Preview** editor mode (pencil icon in lower right corner), > - AND the task's markdown is in a **callout**, > - AND the user **clicked on the task's checkbox** to complete or re-open the task. If you toggle a task's status in this situation, you will see a warning. Use the command `Tasks: Toggle Done`, or switch to Reading View (book icon in lower right corner) to click the checkbox. Completing a task by clicking its checkbox from a `tasks` query block _will_ work in any editor mode, even if the query is inside a callout. We are tracking this in [issue #1768](https://github.com/obsidian-tasks-group/obsidian-tasks/issues/1768). > [!warning] > When tasks are in callouts, any preceding heading in the callout is not read by Tasks, so `group by heading` uses the previous heading outside the callout - or `(No Heading)` if none. We are tracking this in [issue #1989](https://github.com/obsidian-tasks-group/obsidian-tasks/issues/1989). ### Tasks in Canvas > [!warning] > Tasks cannot read tasks that are in **Obsidian Canvas cards**. We are tracking this in [issue #2100](https://github.com/obsidian-tasks-group/obsidian-tasks/issues/2100). ### Tasks in Code Blocks > [!warning] > Tasks cannot read tasks that are **inside code blocks**, such as the ones used by the **Admonitions plugin**. Use Obsidian's built-in callouts instead. ### Tasks in Comments Obsidian supports two styles of **comments**: - `<!-- I am text in a comment -->` - `%% I am text in a comment %%` > [!warning] > By design, Tasks does **not** read any tasks that are inside these comments, because Obsidian does not read them. ### Tasks with Footnotes > [!warning] > Tasks can only render **inline footnotes**. Regular footnotes are not supported. ```markdown - [ ] This is a task^[with a working inline footnote] - [ ] This footnote _will not work_[^notworking] ``` See also [[About Queries#Footnotes are not displayed in query results]]. ### Tasks with Blockquotes > [!warning] > Tasks' support for **blockquotes inside tasks** is limited. It renders correctly, but since Tasks only supports a single line, the meta-data of the task will be inside the blockquote. ### Rendering tasks in 'loose' lists > [!warning] > Tasks won't render **spaces around list items** if you have a list with empty lines (typically known as ['loose' lists](https://spec.commonmark.org/0.30/#loose)). ```markdown - [ ] First task before the empty line - [ ] Another task. The empty line above will _not_ result in the tasks being more spaced out. ``` ### Order of metadata/emojis > [!warning] > Tasks reads task lines **backwards from the end of the line**, looking for metadata emojis with values, tags and block links. As soon as it finds a value that it does not recognise, it stops reading. This means that you can only put **block links** (`^link-name`) and **tags** after metadata such as dates, priorities, recurrence rules. Anything else will break the parsing of dates, priorities and recurrence rules. ```markdown - [ ] Task with priority placed before tag _priority will be recognized_ 🔼 #tag - [ ] Task with date placed before tag _date will be recognized_ 📅 2021-04-09 #tag - [ ] Task with date placed before other text _date will be not recognized_ 📅 2021-04-09 other text - [ ] Task with block link _works_ 📅 2021-04-09 ^e5bebf ``` We are tracking this in [issue #1505](https://github.com/obsidian-tasks-group/obsidian-tasks/issues/1505). If you are concerned that some values in a task are not being parsed as you intended, perhaps because a task is not being found by Tasks searches, you can: - view an individual task in the [[Create or edit Task|‘Create or edit Task’ Modal]] - search for all possible problems: see [[Find tasks with invalid data#Finding unread emojis|Finding unread emojis]]. If there are any **Tasks emojis visible in the Description field**, close the modal and delete or move to the left any unrecognised text. ![Create or Edit Modal](../images/modal-showing-unparsed-emoji.png) <br>The `Tasks: Create or edit` modal showing a due date that was not parsed, due to trailing `other text`. ### Supported file names > [!warning] > Tasks only supports checklist items in markdown files with the file extension `.md`.