Welcome to an exciting, very much work-in-progress experiment by the Takshashila Institution: UNREDACTED! Here you'll find a mix of rough notes and finished ideas curated by our in-house team for your reading convenience. You can also eschew our structure and explore the vaults on your own, if you're looking for something specific. ## Where To Start [[Epistemic Status]] explains how notes are classified. You should read this first. #### Curated Notes 1. [[COVID-19 Recommendations +]] distills the essentials of the recommendations we've made over the course of the pandemic. 2. [[Our ideas on National Security Reforms +]] collects the best of our ideas on national security reforms. 3. [[Readings on Platform Economics +]] puts together notes that have an interesting perspective on platform economics. #### Standalone Notes 1. [[Starting a Podcast]] has tips on how to start a podcast, from the team that runs All Things Policy. 2. [[Recurring Nightmare]] has a commentary on the RBI's new rules on recurring payments