# Hello World, Let’s give this 🌱Digital Garden🌱 thing a try. This garden is run by [[The Wuffgang]], which are the monster, the princess and me. As I arrange my flower beds and decide which flowers to plant, here’s a handy [[The Tags|tag overview.]] [[Where to find me on the Internet|Here’s an overview of my other online playgrounds.]] I sometimes offer [[Commissions Open|commissions]] on [Artist Tree](https://artistree.io/stefanyeah). Sometimes, I might dare to put up pages that are still 🌱unfinished 🌱. Please be gentle with those little seedlings while they’re still growing. Fittingly, they’re tagged #Growing And to avoid confusion, folder _43 My Merch_ is a tongue in the check label. Whatever’s in there, is not up for sale, but it’s fandom things I’ve created for myself. ## Dog Pic of the ~~Day~~ Moment I’ll randomly pick a from my dog pics whenever I remember to do so. ![[231129 First Snow]]