I've uploaded my brain online. My ideas were incubated as little seedlings. Now they have been steadily nurtured to grow into a thick, dense forest. The forest stands before you. Taking a deep breath, enter the jungle of my mind. --- #### Hi 👋, Shreyas here! In my day job, I work as a senior product manager with [[Noora Health]]. I’m co-creating various digital healthcare products that saves lives of at-risk patients from rural Bangladesh. (Here's a [[intro | quick elevator pitch]]) My previous experiences as a 2x entrepreneur, product designer and as an electronics engineer have now helped me embrace product thinking. I now combine my perspectives on design, business and tech to make products I love and care about. I share my learnings through occasional product teardowns, case studies and by [[Active Side projects|shipping side projects]]. Here's a list of all the [[products, systems and services]] I've designed, led and launched. --- I've come to believe that one should [live an interesting yet impactful life](Living%20an%20Interesting%20Life.md). I don't think I've got there yet, but living my best to live such an ideal. I've jotten down some [[blips from my radar]] here. Optimising my life for 'interestingness' frees a lot of weight from the shoulders. You dont have to crib about your failures, or get pumped by the successes. You just have to make it interesting. It's outcome independent. It can be good news or bad news as long as it's interesting news! I also try my best to optimise the [[trifecta of health, wealth and happiness]] in that order! [[Living an Interesting Life#^267188 | Currently my curiosity bubbles]] range from—podcast production, [[Love for kombucha|kombucha]] brewing, collecting clicking-sounds as well as backward running. Along the way, I've realised how documentation is so invaluable. I've tried my best to document my learnings in different formats, ranging from [Twitter threads](https://typefully.com/pablomuralo), [Youtube Videos](https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCvg0-5QaMurH3JTaq7IHuIA) and [long form essays.](https://www.shreyasprakash.com/posts) I'm humbled by the cosmic insignificance of being just another [[pale blue dot]] in this vast universe. I try my best to update my [[life operating system]] based on the new learnings I've had as my ideas would probably outlive me. You can also find some of my [[Likes and Dislikes | likes and dislikes]] here. --- #### Year of magical thinking I'm currently dedicating 2022 as a [[year of magical thinking]] reading copious amounts of books and building my [[proof-of-work for product managers ]] on what 'spatial writing' looks like. Meanwhile, you could subscribe to my newsletter for some [spicy takes](spicy%20takes.md) on online writing, product thinking and side projects which I share on a weekly basis.