# Hello! 👋 My name is Cara Wohnsigl, and you've stumbled upon my digital garden. You can learn more about the art of digital gardening [[04 ZETTELKASTEN/05 Digital Garden/Digital Garden|here]]. I am a social researcher and environmental designer, and I felt compelled to create my own digital garden after (1) starting my own [[04 ZETTELKASTEN/05 Digital Garden/Zettelkasten|Zettelkasten]] and (2) feeling that my website wasn't a good representation of how I spend a lot of my time. Much of the work I do as a designer is under NDA, and sometimes the role I play is hard to explain without also displaying many other people's work, too. I imagine I will run into some of the same struggles as I accumulate more research experiences. Therefore, the projects I do get to display on the public internet are quite limited. With a digital garden, I can organically share what I'm actively reading about, thinking about, and caring about. # How to use this garden You can use any link within these pages as a starting point, or you can begin with [[Recently]]. # I have included the following status indicators to note how developed each note is: 🌰 **Seed:** This note is just beginning. I had a semblance of an idea that I wanted to get out. 🌱 **Sprout:** This note is somewhat grounded in that it's connected to maybe one other note in the garden, but not much elaboration has been done. 🌿 **Sapling:** This note has several connections to other notes in the garden and has been decently expanded upon. 🌲 **Evergreen:** This note is well developed, with many connections to other notes. It has been consistently edited over time.