## About Welcome to my published note website. I do a lot of work researching topics and I want to be able to share information in a more usable way. This website lets me share notes directly from my personal "second brain". # List of Topics Here is a list of topics - [[EO Accelerator Resources]] - [[Franchise Consulting Client Resources]] - [[Resource for Business Owners]] - [[Managing People]] - [[How I Setup my Personal Knowledge Management System]] - [[Published/Building a Second Brain|Creating a Second Brain Note System]] - [[One Dozen Questions For Faster Learning]] - [[Eight Principles To Live By]] - [[Managing Stress Page]] - [[Model For Mature Leadership]] - [[Practices From Seth]] - [[Creating a CEO User Manual]] - [[Super Slow Weight Lifting]] - [[Making Friends]] - [[Sample GameTruck Job Posting]] - [[GameTruck Franchise Growth Accelerator]]