# Hello Everyone, (Note: I’m in the process of revamping this vault, it could take a few months (25/07/2023 2:06pm)) Welcome to my vault, if you’re reading this that means that you are supporting me financially in my work and for that I thank you. My vault is a collection of everything that I know - but it is much more than that. Everything I do in my life, I organise using this vault. Wherever possible I have left these parts in so those of you who are curious can have a look. On the left of the screen you will find various folders with different facets of my life. - [[Folder Structure | Click here to read more about the folder structure of this vault]] - [[About this vault| Click here to read more about the vault in general]] - [[+ Concepts Map | Click here to get started reading about concepts of interest]] ## Areas Areas are ongoing parts of my life - you can click the Areas folder on the left to explore them. Currently there are four areas: ### Acquiring Japanese All my efforts to be able to fluently read, write and speak Japanese. It used to be called “Learning Japanese” but I corrected myself thanks to Cure Dolly Sensei who makes the point that you don’t learn a language through study but you acquire it through immersion. ### Conversation Culture My efforts to improve the quality of our discourse, especially in between groups of people that disagree with one another. We are a Sydney-based group that holds weekly conversations on philosophy, politics, culture, spirituality and more. [Click here to visit the Conversation Culture website](https://conversationculture.net). ### Life Maintenance My attempts to get the various aspects of my life in order. I have left this public because you might get some use or value from it. If you find anything that you feel should be private, please [let me know](mailto://[email protected]) and I will blacklist it from being published. ### Sashin Exists My website, my writing and my main deal. You can see all my articles and letters here, including some that were never published online as well as gain insight as to how I do things. [Here’s a link to go back to my site, in case you want to](https://sashinexists.com) --- Thank you for visiting my vault ❤ Feel free to [let me know](mailto://[email protected]) if you have any suggestions!