Hi! This is an [Obsidian Publish](https://help.obsidian.md/Plugins/Publish) page to introduce you to me, [@sadalsvvd on Twitter](https://twitter.com/sadalsvvd), as well as all of the knowledge and notes I store here. Since I can write longform here, I'm being exhaustive. ## Useful Links You might be looking for one of these: - My [Cosmic Indigestion Substack](https://cosmicindigestion.substack.com/) - [[Sadalsuud's Guide to Reading Your Own Natal Chart]] - [A Reluctant Guide to Making Friends with Spirits](https://cosmicindigestion.substack.com/p/a-reluctant-guide-to-making-friends) - [Sadalsuud's Astrology Dice Guide](https://cosmicindigestion.substack.com/p/sadalsuuds-astrology-dice-guide) # @sadalsvvd as a twitter entity ## Who I am I'm a pseudonymous Twitter user who sits at the intersection of technology, "woo" (broad term for general spiritual/non-materialist interests/beliefs), and home-grown social psychology. ^dd3939 Once upon a time my avatar changed subtly every few hours and to a completely different person every day or less depending on how much I was tweeting. (See [sadalsvvd-twitter-shareable](https://github.com/sadalsvvd/sadalsvvd-twitter-shareable) for source code on how I implemented this.) Relatedly, if you're mindful of pronouns, you can use any pronoun to refer to me, including neo/made up pronouns. (If it __really__ matters to you, you can do some digging to figure out who I really am and what I look like, but I would rather politely request that you play along.) ## What I tweet about Metaphysics, applying computational analysis and predictive techniques to astrology (and astrology itself in general), pragmatic magical thinking, the occult, social dynamics, mindfulness/emotional awareness/psyche interrogation/feelings, and a liberal sprinkling of shitposting and extremely silly tweets. Occasionally I tweet about movies, TV, and games. Even more occasionally I gush, write poetry, devolve into bouts of glossolalia, or dive into darkness. I generally avoid tweeting about politics or technology itself but occasionally get baited or Mad about stuff My Big Project that I reference frequently is an ongoing astrological software application I've been working on for the last couple years geared toward modern APIs, predictive algorithms and an integrative approach to astrological techniques. A good summary of the motivations behind this project is my ["Computational Astrology Minifesto"](https://twitter.com/sadalsvvd/status/1313654917366775810). I'm generally uninterested in "proving" my views to skeptics and will refer you to good books or threads and ask you to come to your own conclusions, of which "you're crazy/stupid" is perfectly acceptable to me. If you're interested in getting my overall epistemic stance on astrology, you should check out the podcast I did on Michael Curzi's fantastic "Philosophers on Twitch Playing Flight Simulator" Twitch stream, recorded and hosted on YouTube. It has section descriptions of different topics we discuss, including [a live reading of Curzi's chart](https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=sRxWycbbx-c). ## What to expect from interactions with me I'm very friendly! I tend to engage proactively. I try not to be annoying or presumptive but feel free to set boundaries with me if I accidentally bug you. I'm constantly distracted, sometimes my sleep schedule is fucked, and sometimes I just need a Twitter break. You're always welcome to leave me async replies/DMs or remind me to come back to something. I tend to follow accounts that are thoughtful, probing, nuanced, reflective, and which have a high OC:RT ratio. ## Links to Twitter threads, extended writing, or important posts - General Woo / Tarot / Spooky Stuff - [purposemaxing](https://twitter.com/sadalsvvd/status/1463185218781724677) - [main tarot thread of threads](https://twitter.com/sadalsvvd/status/1459231513535561735) - [tarot methodology, synchronicity, and hints at potential metaphysics](https://twitter.com/sadalsvvd/status/1317184139519533056) - [using tarot to predict things I shouldn't be able to know](https://twitter.com/sadalsvvd/status/1317196499974000640) - [the rubik's cube test manifestation magic test](https://twitter.com/sadalsvvd/status/1363180996078747649) - [the phenomenology/inner experience of magic](https://twitter.com/sadalsvvd/status/1306394620126023681) - [joy practice as a healing practice](https://twitter.com/sadalsvvd/status/1443584481999273988) - [lithomancy, or, divination by stones](https://twitter.com/sadalsvvd/status/1304826230752116738) - [thread: ever since I leaned in to a "relationship" with the universe, my own destiny, and desire, I have one way or another gotten everything I've ever wanted](https://twitter.com/sadalsvvd/status/1459027157229920266) - [thread of spooky, unfalsifiable and unverifiable weird experiences](https://twitter.com/sadalsvvd/status/1304102639051902976) - [the epistemology of believing others](https://twitter.com/sadalsvvd/status/1462088921865756673) - [thread on my loosely held metaphysics](https://twitter.com/sadalsvvd/status/1418218798004400130) - Astrology theory and discussion - [recommended: on my motivation to show astrology to people, with links to what it can do and how to learn more](https://twitter.com/sadalsvvd/status/1461565219671527427) - [on skepticism and misconceptions in astrology](https://twitter.com/sadalsvvd/status/1465375198908145684) - [list of introductory astrology books I recommend](https://twitter.com/sadalsvvd/status/1329160271890419712) - [what is possible with astrology? why learn it?](https://twitter.com/sadalsvvd/status/1451719820727275524) - [list of 63 statistical studies on astrology from Correlation magazine](https://twitter.com/sadalsvvd/status/1403899885439565825) - [on the difficulty of grappling with astrology](https://twitter.com/sadalsvvd/status/1490257190057299970) - [quick and dirty guide to reading your own transits](https://twitter.com/sadalsvvd/status/1493401497207459846) - [on the astrological modes and elements as a highly teachable personality model](https://twitter.com/sadalsvvd/status/1412818288162263042) - [on predicting the stock market with astrology and finding statistical significance:](https://buttondown.email/glitchet/archive/ef618ace-f0bc-47eb-84fb-f49211e387e3) - [on how I found my way to astrology and the potential dark futures it might present (article)](https://buttondown.email/glitchet/archive/star-dystopia/) - [a brief history of astrology and lens into how astrologers conceptualize planets and their cycles, or, "planets rule stuff"](https://twitter.com/sadalsvvd/status/1445580310876340236?t=NmSglgVXJw8EM-pZdX0OiQ&s=19) - [the relationship between the abstract principles of masculine/feminine, solar/lunar, and the "third force" compilation thread](https://twitter.com/sadalsvvd/status/1418995088169050113) - [on conceptually integrating the inconjunct aspect into Hellenistic astrology](https://twitter.com/sadalsvvd/status/1442847445768093702) - [overindexing in astrology](https://twitter.com/sadalsvvd/status/1319690613688836103) - [how understanding the history of astrology is incredibly important to its practice](https://twitter.com/sadalsvvd/status/1300849795934887937) - [empty houses](https://twitter.com/sadalsvvd/status/1324093245496958979) - [how much time of birth matters](https://twitter.com/sadalsvvd/status/1321836645805674498) - [respect within astrological practice](https://twitter.com/sadalsvvd/status/1310710925310259200) - [reply-thread on why anyone should take astrology seriously when it's been "discredited"](https://twitter.com/sadalsvvd/status/1306257263066316802) - Astrology readings/practice - [thread of live astrology readings I've done for other people that you can watch](https://twitter.com/sadalsvvd/status/1397645890148462592) - [true crime: the astrology of likely family annihilator Xavier Dupont de Ligonnes](https://twitter.com/sadalsvvd/status/1327457747168866305) - ["testing" Nikola Stojanovic's "erotic 5th degree ascendant" theory](https://twitter.com/sadalsvvd/status/1312213378257969154) - [preliminary studies on tweet popularity and rising time](https://twitter.com/sadalsvvd/status/1318737396226195457) - Social Dynamics - [social risk, authenticity, real talk, cringe, confidence, Impro, and social rescue!](https://twitter.com/sadalsvvd/status/1324594264446296064) - [thread of threads on social relating](https://twitter.com/sadalsvvd/status/1402765434311614466) - [push/pull as a baseline model for understanding social dynamics](https://twitter.com/sadalsvvd/status/1313963862526504962) - Miscellaneous / Other - [how to type really fast (140-150wpm)](https://twitter.com/sadalsvvd/status/1379561850145284099) - [thread of high-value health and nutrition research/information](https://twitter.com/sadalsvvd/status/1435637149265711104) - [astrology-inspired alignment wheel sorting game](https://twitter.com/sadalsvvd/status/1316501414617722890) - [on why you should definitely try having some (more) magnesium](https://twitter.com/sadalsvvd/status/1430366325151608838) - [collage-thread on people having ideas and ideas having people](https://twitter.com/sadalsvvd/status/1321694624524750848) - [on belonging](https://twitter.com/sadalsvvd/status/1306332654787330048)