My name is Rohit Malekar. I help design and build digital products for a living. As an extension, I also spend time learning the art and science of building the culture and community at work. This "notebook" consolidates my articles and side projects on topics ranging from work culture, digital crafts, building careers, and personal well-being. Besides, you can read articles that capture my learnings in Web3 on [Mirror]( #### Explore Articles - [[Open Collective As a Decentralized Global Public Good]] (Published in [Hacker Noon]( - A thought experiment for a start-up to exit to community using curve bonded crowdfunding - [[Why Web 3.0 Communities is a Big Deal? A Non-Technical Story]] (Published in [UX Review]( - There has never been a better time to re-think entrepreneurship as a pursuit to bring change at scale with and for those impacted. - [[The Product Management Grid]] (Published in [UX Review](, [Hacker Noon]( A significant amount of work that product managers do oscillates between two key questions. Are we building the right product? Are we building the product right? - [Why Do Careers Get Stuck in the Middle Management]( (Published in [UX Review](, [Life at Deloitte Blog]( - High-quality problems require self-discovery of first principles that bring a shift in your worldview. Without these, most careers tend to remain stuck. - [[The Next Frontier for Indian Startups - Sequoias and Meadows]] - A sustainable startup ecosystem for India not only needs the Sequoia trees (VC-backed unicorns) but also meadows that can support all sorts of life. #### Explore Collections - **[[The Decentralization Rabbit Hole|The Decentralization Rabbit Hole]]**: Exploration of the concepts with the power to decentralize power itself - **[[Life in the Studios|Life in the Studios]]**: Stories of building the culture, the crafts, and the community in a studio - **[[Demystifying Careers in Product|Demystifying Careers in Product]]**: Decoding choices, actions, and habits to be effective in product management - **[[The Art of Interviewing|The Art of Interviewing]]**: Assessing a fit for a new job is a two-way street, some thoughts on how to make it happen - **[[Crafting a Career|Crafting a Career]]**: No different than sculpting a statue, there are not many shortcuts for building a sustainable career - **[[The Craft of Consulting|The Craft of Consulting]]**: Your clients don't care how much you know until they know how much you care - **[[Scribblings About Startups|Scribblings About Startups]]**: An outsider's notes about the ecosystem's potential outside the J-curve journeys - **[[Quality of Life]]**: Milestones in the search for meaning, purpose, and goals invalidate these very constructs as redundant - **[[Random Reflections|Random Reflections]]**: Lessons arising from deep-rooted shortcomings, as a person and as a community #### Explore Side Projects - **Augmented Bonding Curves as a Funding Mechanism** Winner of the [quadratic vote]( for [DAO Strategy]( using Augmented Bonding Curves at [Codeless Conduct Hackathon]( on Gitcoin. You can read similar potential applications for [[Open Collective As a Decentralized Global Public Good|VC-invested startup to exit to community]] and [[Curve Bonded Crowdfunding with Impact DAOs for Shared Solutions|fund raising for an Impact DAO product studio]]. - **[Seeking Product Management Careers](** This is a recording and material from a 1-hour workshop hosted for aspiring product managers seeking a career in product management. As a product manager in the making, grow a healthy skepticism to "best practices", including the contents of this workshop. - **[The Product Management Grid](** This is a framework for aspiring product managers, product leaders, and recruiters for a shared vocabulary. No two product roles are the same. I distilled dozens of conversations with PMs into one picture in an attempt to put a unifying model. - **[The Product Makers Circle](** Researching, curating, outlining, and facilitating a live conversation have been a few skills I worked on The Product Makers Circle club on [Leher App]( [Here is a thread]( of key takeaways for folks aspiring for a career in product with a beginner's mindset and a belief that craft > title. - **[breathe. feel. love.](** To expect ourselves to process every aspect of our emotions is a tall order, whether problem solving at work or processing life outside of it. One thing that helps me find solace is writing - that's my shared link between product and poetry. #### Explore Using Tags Click on the tags to view related articles: #Consulting #Culture #Fiction #Leadership #Product #Recruiting #Startup-Finance #Web3 #Well-Being