This tool aims at gathering different types of resources under the large scope of XR, in a common and shared space, accessible both via a summary “Maps of contents” and a visual “Graph”. Tools, channels, softwares, hardwares, networks, metaverses, and many more are to be found right here!… Nourished by the XR experts, artists & passionates/enthusiasts of the #RIT community, this database aims at giving a rich and comprehensive overview of the resources gathered throughout the Realities in Transitions project, pursuing the goal of pooling and sharing existing knowledge as a panorama of the XR Ecosystem, according to our values. (Link values) As it is quickly and constantly evolving, we’ll keep on appending this database throughout the “Realities In Transition” project. Willing to share any new resource? Send us via email at “[[email protected]](mailto:[email protected])” obj: “RIT Resources - [name of the resource]” # How to navigate In order to ease access and discovery of relevant resources to you, this database offers two means of navigation, maps of contents and graph. ## Maps of contents These macro-notes aggregate links to several other resources sharing a common ground. That common ground can be a typology of resources (softwares, hardwares, platforms), a theme (XR & Performing arts, sustainability, open-source innovation) or a location (countries, and at a lower level: cities). ### Categories [[Books]] [[Communities and organizations]] [[Hardware]] [[Platforms]] [[Software - for creation]] [[Software - to experience]] [[Studies and academic papers]] [[Online courses]] ### Geographical locations [[Europe]] [[France]] [[Spain]] [[Belgium]] [[Netherlands]] [[Austria]] [[Croatia]] ### Realities [[AR — Augmented Reality]] [[MR — Mixed Reality]] [[VR — Virtual Reality]] ### Thematics [[3D creation]] [[AI assets generation]] [[Motion capture]] [[Open source]] [[Public space]] [[Virtual worlds]] [[XR and Performing Arts]] ### Values [[Ethics]] [[Inclusion]] [[Sustainability]] [[Creativity]] ## Graph This database is a hyperlink rich environment (powered by obsidian) composed of text files. Through thoughtful linking, each page is accompanied by a local graph showing immediate relations to other projects or thematics. The global graph offers a bird-eyes view of all the links in the database, allowing to visually estimate connections between topics of interest. You can access the global graph by clicking on the icon on the top-right corner of the Interactive Graph (local graph).