# Using Machine Learning to understand our society I'm Ram Rachum, and this is the knowledge base for my research. It has many notes of thoughts that I have that I hope will lead me to interesting results. Feel free to dive in. **I want to use Machine Learning to understand our society.** Specifically, I'd like to show that selfish agents can show [[emergent reciprocity]], and from that, social behavior like forming groups. I hope that this can help us understand how humans can cooperate better, and how we can build safe Artificial General Intelligence. The field of my research is called [Multi-Agent Reinforcement Learning](https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Multi-agent_reinforcement_learning). I'll be happy to get any comments and feedback. Email me at [email protected] ## Intro to my research - [[About Ram Rachum]] - [[The goals of my research]] - [Talk video](http://r.rachum.com/talk-video) A 50-minute talk in which I explain what I'm trying to achieve with my research. No background in Machine Learning is needed. This is a newer version of the talk I've given internally to an audience of 2,300 Googlers. - [Talk video (Hebrew)](http://r.rachum.com/talk-video-hebrew) - [Slides](http://r.rachum.com/talk-slides) - [Research mailing list](http://r.rachum.com/announce) Sign up to get monthly updates about my research. Every month I outline the goals for that month, and evaluate my progress on last month's goals. ## Going deeper - [[How my approach is different]] A list of the different ways in which my research effort is different than other researchers'. - [[Why I'm developing Marley]]