## JSON point-form notes to AI summary - I created a page of "cards" in a Kinopio webpage (called a "space"). - I exported this page to JSON. - I uploaded the JSON to my GitHub Pages blog. - I grabbed the newly-generated URL and stuffed it into Kagi Universal Summarizer result: > The document outlines notes and ideas for an Obsidian Thoughts workspace. Various cards are listed with titles such as initial attraction, current usage, plugins tried, and backlinks. The notes discuss using Excalidraw for sketches, publishing for blogging, and using plugins like Advanced Slides and Publish. The goal seems to be capturing ideas and linking them together using tools like markdown editor, Excalidraw, and Publish to eventually create a YouTube series and blog posts. The promise of being able to quickly jot down ideas and link them in a visual workspace is what initially attracted the author to Obsidian. Original Kinopio URL: https://kinopio.club/3D5fu_5w_Dok3_7m4Qrkv ## Expectations I did not expect the Summarizer to understand all of the technical fluff in the .JSON export, but, it skipped over the niggly details and pulled out the English text and summarized it. I am pleasantly surprised. ## Next? I *really* like using Kinopio to jot down my thoughts in point form. Later, I re-organize my thoughts into tree form using Kinopio. I wonder if I can use AI as a ghost writer to flesh out my tree-point-form text? Next? Try to get ChatGPT to create a section of written text for each card... # See Also ### Blogs - https://publish.obsidian.md/programmingsimplicity (see blogs that begin with a date 202x-xx-xx-) - https://guitarvydas.github.io/ (up to about mid-2022) ### Videos https://www.youtube.com/@programmingsimplicity2980 ### Books WIP - leanpub'ed (leanpub encourages publishing books before they are finalized) https://leanpub.com/u/paul-tarvydas ### Discord https://discord.gg/Jjx62ypR ### Twitter @paul_tarvydas ### Mastodon (tbd, advice needed)