Hi there, I'm [Otávio](https://otavio.cc/). Welcome to _Kleingarten_, my mini digital garden 🪴. ## Recommended - [[Unit Testing With Doubles and Fixtures]] - Notes about unit testing, mocks, stubs, fakes, fixtures, and more. Examples in [[Swift]]. - [[Replacing Type Methods to Improve Testability]]. - [[Pair Programming, TDD, and Rotation]] ## MOCs - [[RPG MOC]] - Notes related to role-playing games. - [[Testing MOC]] - Notes related to testing. - [[Germany MOC]] - Notes related to living in Germany. - [[TCG MOC]] - Notes related to trading card games. - [[Swift MOC]] - Notes related to the Swift programming language. - [[TypeScript MOC]] - Notes related to the TypeScript programming language. ## Projects and Contributions - [[Micro.publish]] - [[MicroClient]] - [[SwiftLint]] ## Misc. - [[App Defaults]] - Apps I currently use. - [[Subscriptions]] - Services and Apps I currently pay. - [[SpringBoard]] - My iPhone. - [[Pair Programming, TDD, and Rotation]] - My experience in a highly efficient and collaborative work environment where Pair Programming, guided by Test-Driven Development (TDD) and rotation among engineers, ensured high-quality code and shared ownership, eliminating the need for formal code reviews, fostering a united, fast-paced team. - [[Websites]] - Websites I run.