# 202302041802 E1 (Filtertron Mobile Pickup) #prepared-guitar-research #prepared-guitar #prepared-guitar-implement #Prepared-guitar-technique #mobile-pickup #Object-guitar-transducer *Image (size 400)* ## Type - Found object | #self-made-object | hybrid object - #Artifact | Ecofact - Exciter #Transducer Modulator #Magnet Body ## Material properties ## Evolution *How did the object evolve over time?* ## Workings *How and why does it work?* ## Recalcitrances ## Techniques - [[202305042248 Assemblage A.D.E1.E3.45.79]] - [[202305212222 Assemblage A.E1.F1.12.41.57]] ## Open questions ## Workshop notes - [[2023-05-03]] [[202305042248 Assemblage A.D.E1.E3.45.79]] | Bounce [[202209071143 Object 79 (Snare Drum Wire)]] on [[202304021729 Object 45 (Glockenspiel Bars)]] while [[202209071143 Object 79 (Snare Drum Wire)]] is under the [[202302041744 E3 (Mobile Lace Sensor Pickup)]] and [[202304021729 Object 45 (Glockenspiel Bars)]] is above the [[202302041802 E1 (Filtertron Mobile Pickup)]] of the [[202204092201 6-string object guitar]]. Move [[202209071143 Object 79 (Snare Drum Wire)]] up and down the strings to change the pitch of the wires. - [[2023-05-04]] [[202305042136 Recording A.E1.E3.33.78]] | When using [[202208252212 Object 33 (Large Nail)]] as a 3rd bridge (on the 12th fret) there is a big difference between the sounds the two pickups put out. The [[202302041744 E3 (Mobile Lace Sensor Pickup)]] gives the sound a more pronounced attack, while the [[202302041802 E1 (Filtertron Mobile Pickup)]] picks up more of the resonance of the harmonics. This difference is also present when both pickups are at the same position along the string. Why is there such a difference? Is this the difference between humbucker and single-coil? Or is it because the [[202302041744 E3 (Mobile Lace Sensor Pickup)]] is upside down and hovering over the strings. - [[2023-05-17]] [[202305212222 Assemblage A.E1.F1.12.41.57]] | The sound keeps evolving organically without me interfering in the process at all. This gradual change keeps happening over the span of at least multiple minutes. Stasis is only arrived at when [[202305172056 Object 41 (Handheld fan)]] stops spinning. - [[2023-05-17]] [[202305212222 Assemblage A.E1.F1.12.41.57]] | The spinning of [[202305172056 Object 41 (Handheld fan)]] will primarily stop because of it catching on something else. It is constantly slowly moving, and might eventually move to a position where the spinning is obstructed by another object. ## Research recordings - [[202305032056 Recording A.D.E1.E3.45.79]] - [[202305042136 Recording A.E1.E3.33.78]] - [[202305212222 Assemblage A.E1.F1.12.41.57]] ## History *What have other people done with it?* ## Recordings *Recordings of other people using it.* ## Potential & Ideas ## Related Objects