## Stakeholder Roles - **[[@Member]]:** Holder of any amount of staked MOONEY. Can vote on MoonDAO proposals. - **[[@Delegate]]:** Staker of at least 250,000 MOONEY, and can officially submit proposals to the [Senate](../reference/Glossary/Senate.md) on behalf of anyone. ## Contributor Roles - **[@Moon Settler](@Moon%20Settler.md):** Currently working within a MoonDAO project. - **[@Rocketeer](@Rocketeer.md):** Leader of a MoonDAO project. - **[[@Astronaut]]:** Leader of MoonDAO. - **@TreasurySigner:** Signer on MoonDAO’s Treasury. - **[@Voyager](../reference/Glossary/@Voyager.md):** Former Moonsettler, Rocketeer, Astronaut, or Treasury Signer. - **[[@Earthling]]:** A verified member of our Discord.