MoonDAO is currently in Phase 3 of its roadmap. Let's walk through MoonDAO's history, and get an idea of its trajectory. ## 🌒 Moon Phase 1: Deploy Decentralized Governance of MoonDAO. This phase was focused on going from zero to one and create the MoonDAO community (mission, values, vision) and crowdraising for our first mission of sending a member to space. We did so by deploying the $MOONEY token for decentralized governance of MoonDAO. The primary goal is to decentralize the governance of MoonDAO from the onset, and add the structure necessary to create an incorruptable on-chain governance system. **There is no expectation of profit with this token, this token’s purpose is to coordinate our governance.** It is very important to note that **the core team has not pre-mined any tokens for ourselves.** We have not given “special terms” to any Venture Capitalists, Influencers, Angel Investors, Rich Friends or Family, or any other person. We are all being treated equally. Every investor, builder, or fren, big or small, **has gotten the same terms.** No special treatment for anyone. This is unusual for an Ethereum project, but we thought it would be more fair for everyone involved that we did not airdrop or pre-mine any number of tokens for people ahead of time. We are not VC funded, we are community organized and led, this is very important to us! With MoonDAO's token raise on [Juicebox](, MoonDAO raised 2,623.7 ETH ($8.3 million at the time of the raise close). ## 🌓 Moon Phase 2: Send a MoonDAO member to space in 2022. This was our first big statement: to make it accessible to anyone in the world. MoonDAO purchased two tickets from [Blue Origin]( and decided that it would select each astronaut using a different method: 1. For the first ticket, we did a popular vote with $MOONEY to vote between several candidates. The winner was Dude Perfect! They ran their own internal contest by building model rockets, and Coby Cotton was the winner. He was sent into Space on August 4th, 2022. 2. For the second ticket, we released a **Ticket To Space NFT Collection** for free. Over 8000 NFTs were minted, and we ran an on-chain chainlink VRF function to select the winner, however, after a year-long struggle with the Americain government regarding his visa, his application was ultimately denied. MoonDAO is currently in the process of deliberation regarding the next astronaut we choose to send on a future [Blue Origin]( New Shepard flight. So far in history, space exploration has been gated to the rest of the world — accessible to only the privileged. MoonDAO changes this for the first time in history. ## 🌔 Moon Phase 3: Provide funding to space research and exploration. MoonDAO is currently in this phase. We don’t want to just take a ride on someone else’s rockets, we’d like to fund and coordinate our own plans. We think an international collective could move much faster than any red-taped organization, and we can contract out certain aspects of rocket development to private companies -- just like NASA. The exploration of space should unify the world, not pit us against each other like the last space race. After all, aren't we all just curious earthlings that want to explore the unknown? Now, DAOs represent a technology that can unify earthlings and decentralize space exploration. MoonDAO will provide funding to public goods related to space research and exploration. Anyone in our community can come together and request funding for a project that furthers our mission. Over time, we aim to build a coalition of engineers, story tellers, legal experts, community-builders, designers, and everyday people that can organize towards creating an optimistic future where the benefits of space help to protect Mother Earth and people from all over the world regardless of their ethnicity, race, where they were born, how much money they have, or who they support politically. MoonDAO ultimately aims to shift us towards an abundance mentality. ## 🌕 Moon Phase 4: Put a MoonDAO Settlement on the Moon. That's one small step for a DAO, one giant leap for DAO-kind. The 1967 Space Treaty forms the basis for all laws concerning space. In this treaty it states that no national appropriation of the Moon can take place. However, a DAO is not a nation — it is an international collective of frens. We have the opportunity to use these new governance and coordination tools in order to form a more perfect union as we extend the rights and liberties of every human on earth into the solar system. [SpaceX](, [Blue Origin](, NASA, China, and many others have on their roadmap that they would like to be on the Moon, to stay, in this decade. The Moon will serve as the gateway to the rest of the stars. Let's ensure that this is a decentralized port, where anyone on Earth can have access, rather than a privileged few. Could a DAO create the network-state required to organize our collective resources and collaborate with values-aligned people from around the world to cooperate as we go to the Moon? We think so. ## 🌝 Moon Phase 5: Have sweet Moon parties (everyone's invited). They're gonna be sweet. BYOB, but we'll provide transportation. Let's celebrate New Year's 2030 on the moon. See you there ;)