### What is MoonDAO? MoonDAO is a collective of people from all over the world that are accelerating the development of a self-sustaining, self-governing settlement on the Moon to act as a launch point into the cosmos. ### What is $MOONEY? $MOONEY is the token we use to govern and coordinate our community. To govern MoonDAO you must stake $MOONEY for some period of time to get voting power. You can read more about how this works in our [governance documentation](Governance%20Model.md) and [constitution](Constitution.md). There will always be a fixed supply of $MOONEY. 60% of the token is in circulating supply, and the other 40% is decided to be emitted by the token holders. There is no expectation of profit with this token. You are not receiving fractionalized ownership of the DAO’s assets in exchange for the token. No element of the $MOONEY and/or Ticket To Space NFTs qualifies or is intended to be an offering of securities in any jurisdiction, nor does it constitute an offer or an invitation to purchase shares, securities or other financial products. Please check our website’s FAQs for more information and disclaimers. You can learn more about the tokenomics of $MOONEY [here](Governance%20Tokens.md). ### How do I acquire $MOONEY? If you already have a wallet with ETH, you can purchase [here](https://app.uniswap.org/swap?inputCurrency=ETH&outputCurrency=0x20d4DB1946859E2Adb0e5ACC2eac58047aD41395&chain=mainnet)via Uniswap. Make sure you *bridge* your $MOONEY to Polygon to purchase the NFTs. If this sounds like a foreign language to you, we’ve made a simple method of purchasing $MOONEY with a credit card or debit card along with account and wallet creation via email or social media in our onboarding process. ### How does voting at MoonDAO work? We publish proposals on [Snapshot](https://vote.moondao.com/#/)and members with voting power can vote on the proposals, a proposal passes if the super majority (2/3rds) of the voting power agrees with executing the proposal. Your voting power is calculated quadratically based on how much $MOONEY you stake, and for how long. In other words, we take the square root of the number of tokens that you’ve staked, and the longer you stake the more voting power you get. ### Why do I need to stake to vote? We don’t want our community to be controlled by day-traders. We’d rather be governed by those with a long-term view and commitment to our mission. Staking measures commitment by locking your tokens for some amount of time. For most members the amount and duration is determined when selecting a tier during the onboarding process. Advanced users can purchase any amount of [$MOONEY via Uniswap](https://app.uniswap.org/swap?inputCurrency=ETH&outputCurrency=0x20d4DB1946859E2Adb0e5ACC2eac58047aD41395&chain=mainnet) and [stake](https://app.moondao.com/lock) some or all of that for any amount of time between one week and four years. ### How do I contribute to MoonDAO? MoonDAO is organized into teams called “Projects,” you can view the projects that have open roles or are looking for contributors by joining the MoonDAO Discord and visiting the [open-job-board](https://discord.com/channels/914720248140279868/1176926263458406410) channel. Individual projects also have project leads, called Rocketeers. ### What do I get in exchange for staking $MOONEY? Staking gives you governance inside of the community. [Our treasury](https://dashboard.moondao.com/#/treasury) is co-governed by all stakeholders. All our financial decisions are approved by them. You can vote on proposals [here](http://vote.moondao.com/). Those that have 250,000+ voting power can [submit proposals](https://discord.com/channels/914720248140279868/1034923662442254356) directly to the community, otherwise you’ll need a co-signer with 250,000+ voting power. ### How is my voting power calculated? We take the square root of your staked balance. This is known as quadratic voting. To prevent people from making multiple accounts we use sybil resistance with [Gitcoin Passports](https://passport.gitcoin.co/). To vote, make sure your wallet has a valid Gitcoin passport (note: Passports resets every 3 months so make sure you re-do your stamps each quarter). We ask that you have a Google Account, Twitter account, Discord Account, and an ETH wallet with at least 1 transaction that has existed for over 30 days.