### What is MoonDAO? MoonDAO is a collective of people from all over the world that are accelerating the development of a self-sustaining, self-governing settlement on the Moon to act as a launch point into the cosmos. ### Is MoonDAO sending people to space? **Yes!** MoonDAO’s first big goal was to send a DAO member to space. We’ve already sent one, and we’re sending another soon. In 2022 MoonDAO raised 2,600 ETH and purchased two tickets to space with Blue Origin. For one ticket, the community voted with the governance token $MOONEY to send Coby Cotton into space, the other seat has not yet been assigned, and there is still an opportunity to be selected. ### How can I get selected to go to space? You can purchase a Ticket To Space NFT! Each NFT costs 20,000 $MOONEY (this is currently equivalent to about $20), and gives you a chance of being randomly selected. The NFTs will be available until January 12th, 2024 on the Polygon network and can be purchased [here](https://app.moondao.com/sweepstakes). *DISCLAIMER: NO PURCHASE OF A TICKET TO SPACE NFT IS NECESSARY TO ENTER THE CONTEST OR WIN A CHANCE TO FLY TO SPACE. PURCHASE OF A TICKET TO SPACE NFT WILL NOT INCREASE YOUR ODDS OF WINNING A PRIZE. SEE CONTEST RULES FOR A FREE, ALTERNATIVE MEANS OF OBTAINING AN ENTRY. THE CONTEST IS ONLY OPEN TO INDIVIDUALS WHO ARE 18 YEARS OF AGE OR OLDER, OR THE AGE OF MAJORITY IF GREATER THAN 18 IN THEIR RESPECTIVE JURISDICTIONS. THE CONTEST IS VOID IN FLORIDA, NEW YORK, PUERTO RICO AND WHERE OTHERWISE PROHIBITED BY LAW. ODDS OF WINNING DEPEND ON THE NUMBER OF ENTRIES RECEIVED DURING THE CONTEST PERIOD, BUT CAN BE CALCULATED BY DIVIDING THE NUMBER OF PRIZES BY THE TOTAL NUMBER OF ENTRIES RECEIVED.* ### How many Ticket To Space NFTs can I purchase? You can purchase up to 50 entries. ### What are my chances of winning? The odds of winning depend on the number of entries received during the contest period, it can be calculated by dividing over the total number of entries received. ### What are the requirements to be selected to go to space? You must meet Blue Origin’s requirements to fly to space. Blue Origin reserves the right, in its sole and absolute discretion, to evaluate all potential travelers and to approve or deny access to any voyage. Therefore, the selected individual must meet certain health and physical criteria, as well as the legal ability to travel to the United States. ### If I already have a Ticket to Space NFT do I need to purchase? If you already have a Ticket to Space NFT from a previous free drawing, you’ll be allowed to mint one free entry into this drawing. ### What information will be collected from me? We require only an email to contact you in case you win, and your full legal name as it appears on a Photo ID to ensure that the winning NFT belongs to you. This information is never shared with anyone outside our organization, and will be deleted after the sweepstakes selection ends. ### How do I acquire $MOONEY? If you already have a wallet with ETH, you can purchase [here](https://app.uniswap.org/swap?inputCurrency=ETH&outputCurrency=0x20d4DB1946859E2Adb0e5ACC2eac58047aD41395&chain=mainnet)via Uniswap. Make sure you *bridge* your $MOONEY to Polygon to purchase the NFTs. If this sounds like a foreign language to you, we’ve made a simple method of purchasing $MOONEY with a credit card or debit card along with account and wallet creation via email or social media in our onboarding process. ### What is $MOONEY? $MOONEY is the token we use to govern and coordinate our community. To govern MoonDAO you must stake $MOONEY for some period of time to get voting power. You can read more about how this works in our [governance documentation](Governance%20Model.md) and [constitution](Constitution.md). There will always be a fixed supply of $MOONEY. 60% of the token is in circulating supply, and the other 40% is decided to be emitted by the token holders. There is no expectation of profit with this token. You are not receiving fractionalized ownership of the DAO’s assets in exchange for the token. No element of the $MOONEY and/or Ticket To Space NFTs qualifies or is intended to be an offering of securities in any jurisdiction, nor does it constitute an offer or an invitation to purchase shares, securities or other financial products. Please check our website’s FAQs for more information and disclaimers. You can learn more about the tokenomics of MOONEY [here](Governance%20Tokens.md). ### How does voting at MoonDAO work? We publish proposals on [Snapshot](https://vote.moondao.com/#/)and members with voting power can vote on the proposals, a proposal passes if the super majority (2/3rds) of the voting power agrees with executing the proposal. Your voting power is calculated quadratically based on how much $MOONEY you lock, and for how long. In other words, we take the square root of the number of tokens that you’ve locked, and the longer you lock the more voting power you get. ### How do I contribute to MoonDAO? MoonDAO is organized into teams called “Projects,” you can view the projects that have open roles or are looking for contributors by joining the MoonDAO Discord and visiting the [open-job-board](https://discord.com/channels/914720248140279868/1176926263458406410) channel. Individual projects also have project leads, called Rocketeers. We also have a Monday contributor call where project leads share what they are working on and specific calls for help, which is an excellent way to find areas where you can help. ### What does owning a Ticket to Space NFT entail? Owning a Ticket to Space NFT grants you a chance to be randomly selected for a space journey sponsored by MoonDAO. The more NFTs you own, the higher your chances of being selected, but the total amount is capped at 50 per wallet. ### How often will MoonDAO conduct space journeys in the future? Our goal is to continue facilitating humanity's off-world future, and continue expanding opportunities for our community. Today many of these seats are prohibitively expensive, but the cost is going down dramatically, and MoonDAO will help bring more and more people to participate in becoming astronauts and bringing us closer to a multiplanetary future. We are currently sending our second astronaut, and there are no immediate plans for future Tickets to Space, but any opportunities will be communicated through official MoonDAO channels for future opportunities. ### Can I trade or transfer my Ticket to Space NFT? No, Ticket to Space NFTs cannot be traded or transferred between wallet addresses while the selection process is still open. However, keep in mind that NFTs can be purchased and gifted to others in their name. ### Is there any use for $MOONEY beyond the Ticket to Space? $MOONEY holders are able to participate in the collective governance of the community treasury, submit project proposals, access the MoonDAO Marketplace, along with many other MoonDAO initiatives. ### What happens if I'm selected but unable to participate in the space journey? In the event that a selected individual is unable to participate, MoonDAO will follow the Official Ticket to Space Sweepstakes rules and proceed down the list of runners-up until we identify an eligible candidate. You are not able to gift or transfer a winning ticket to another person in the event you cannot participate for whatever reason. ### How does MoonDAO ensure transparency and fairness in the selection process? The selection process is conducted through verifiable, transparent means on the blockchain using Chainlink, ensuring fairness and equal opportunity for all Ticket to Space NFT holders. The smart contract code and final selection results are all independently verifiable.