![[DALL·E 2022-09-13 17.52.31 - compass with sun shining on it photorealistic.png | 200]] ##### The Playbook for Acing the Game of Life ##### By George Silverman This is a **sneak peek** at the introductory pages of the MindSkills Playbook to let you see how I plan to introduce it and to get feedback. You can select chapters from the list at the left, use search, or go to the [[_Master Table of Contents]] This is a **”Living Book.”** I'll be adding additional pages at a regular clip. **I'll give priority to the pages that my readers request by Twitter DM or by tagging me in Tweets.** So, DM me on Twitter and tell me what you are stuck on in life, or what MindSkills you’d like to get better at. Here's how to get the most out of it: 1. Subscribe to my [Newsletter](https://www.getrevue.co/profile/georgesilverman) (free). As I add pages, I'll add them to my newsletter, so the new pages will appear in your emails. 2. Follow me on Twitter @GeorgeSilverman. I'll Tweet out new pages. 3. Come to my Twitter Spaces, where we will be discussing new Playbook Frameworks, essays, etc. 4. Bookmark this URL[[Welcome to the MindSkills Playbook]]. and click on: [[Newer articles]] 5. Most importantly, TRY some of my MindSkills recommendations in your own life. Let me know what worked or didn't work. 6. Share the MindSkills with your friends and colleagues to help them take their lives up a few levels. Every time a family member or friend improves their lives, *your* life improves. 7. Have fun! [[_Please Start Here]] [[_Master Table of Contents]]