👋   I'm an **AI / ML Engineer** and Maker based in London. 💼  Currently, I'm making and evaluating novel LLM-based tools for teachers at [**Oak**](https://www.thenational.academy/#ai). 🔍   I'm **looking for a new role from May 2024** in Applied Machine Learning that is: - innovative and challenging - product-focused / user-oriented - with a positive impact View my [**CV**](https://www.mimireyburn.com/files/MimiReyburnCV.pdf) and [**get in touch**](mailto:[email protected]) if you have ideas for my next challenge! Read [[About]] me and [[Now]]. Find me on: [**Github**](https://www.github.com/mimireyburn) | [**Twitter**](https://www.x.com/mireyburn) | [**LinkedIn**](https://www.linkedin.com/in/mimireyburn)