👋   I'm a **Machine Learning Engineer** and Maker based in London. 💼   I'm **looking for a new role** in Applied ML that is: - innovative and challenging - product-focused / user-oriented - with a positive impact **[Get in touch](mailto:[email protected])** if you have ideas for my next challenge! 📚   I **specialised in Applied ML** at the [[MLX Institute (MSc-eq)]]; fine-tuning Llama-2 7B & developing custom models, among other advanced techniques. 🎓 With a background in product strategy and rapid prototyping, I hold a **First Class degree** in Engineering from [[Imperial College (MEng)]]. My [[🥕 Master's Project (PK1.0)]] focused on reducing UK food waste with [computer vision](https://www.mimireyburn.com/files/PocketKitchen.pdf) for your fridge. 🧠   I'm obsessed with **human-oriented generative AI** and finding valuable use-cases for it (see Projects I'm Doing/ in the menu). I'm full of ideas; I currently have ~~14~~ **18** on my list! **Find me on: [Github](https://www.github.com/mimireyburn) | [Twitter](https://www.x.com/mireyburn) | [LinkedIn](https://www.linkedin.com/in/mimireyburn) or [get in touch](mailto:[email protected]).**