# Intro Like a garden, this is an "organic" space in the sense that if you leave and return, new things may have blossomed, some will have been pruned, and some will have matured. If you're on desktop you can mouse over links to preview them. This is currently a ==beta== :) The biggest consequence of that right now is that you can't rely on bookmarks. You can learn more [[About Me (Michael Seydel)|About Me]] or continue below for more about the garden or [[#See also]] below. ## Learning in public For the moment, I want to use this space to [[Learning in public|learn in public]]. I want to continuously flesh out [[My Cognitive Tinkerframe]] 🧠🧑🏼‍🔬🛠🖼 and if possible, live using it publicly. I have longer-term goals but this is my focus for now. ## Milestones I want to get this garden into a place where people can use cryptography tools to verify that I was the author, then release a v1.0 where I commit to not modifying the history suddenly. I want to include posts about why I'm a COVID hermit and my thoughts on spirituality. Rather than not write until I've found perfection, I want to start externalizing thoughts that I can get others' feedback on, then document any changes in my thinking on various topics. I see this as a way to establish credibility and long-term consistency, as well as to weave my "[[Life Tapestry (metaphor)|ilfe tapestry]]". See also: [[More about this garden#Intended milestones]] ## History The full history of this garden can be found [on Github](https://github.com/micseydel/micseydel-mind-garden/). I may create a changelog note for here as well. I'll rebase for a v1.0 version and try to have a clean history once this garden is out of beta. # See also * [[More about this garden]] * [[Mind gardening compared to blogging]]