# [[Moderation]] in the [[Fediverse]] There are different levels of moderation on the fediverse: - instance level (moderation team) - potentially this could be a moderator team of multiple instances cooperating - personal moderation - many tools to filter, block - controlling and even understanding how your data is spread to other instances is not simple - [[ZK - 3d4e - Moderation in the fediverse is also a personal thing]] ## Goals of moderation - safety - spam - respecting/enforcing user's rights - how can we for example make sure other instances are doing proper data governance? - onboarding new moderation ## Responsibilities of moderators - transparency - fairness - accountability - respect data privacy - community - respect other moderators - respect yourself - legal responsibility - Idea (?) from [[Andy Matuschak]] in a podcast, about his time at Khan Academy: - Put "users" as the subject of every statement - Communication to the public - laid out moderation charter ## Moderation from the view point of the user - safety in reporting - fairness in being moderated - transparency - appeals - privacy concern about moderation actions and their data - contribute to moderation - reporting tools and case status / follow up ## Tooling - tooling supports: - moderators - mental health - protect by hiding content - make it easy to delegate / get support - productivity - make it easy to do the right thing regarding - fairness - transparency - accountability - instance owners ## Training moderators - designing moderation tools such that they can be used for training - curating test cases, both with synthetic data, and with scenarios - also involves training users! ## Brainstorm - designing moderation platform for review, training with fake or historical data - message TTLs - responsibility of instance admin to not inflict technological change on its users. this involves defederation - also, education, training, path of growth for community members to get involved in tech, moderation content curation ## Concrete project ideas - Make a tool that shows how different types of messages get percolated to different instances - [[PROJ - 2023-01-09 - Federated Moderation]] - [[PROJ - 2023-01-09 - Firewall language for Fediverse applications]]