# Learn software the weird way Big work in progress, big mess. ## From mastodon From fbz: > [!quote] proof of concept or gtfo (the journal/books), learn python the hard way (the online series), some kind of live music coding course using clojure or something > [hackers.town](https://hackers.town/@fbz/110571157503085719) From fluffel: > [!quote] [@mnl](https://hachyderm.io/@mnl "mnl") the wizard zines from [@b0rk](https://hachyderm.io/@[email protected] "[email protected]") are pure gold! [https://wizardzines.com](https://wizardzines.com/ "https://wizardzines.com/") > [chaos.social](https://chaos.social/@fluffel/110571156484881944) From cupe: - [[BOOK - The Timeless Way of Building - Christopher Alexander]] - [[BOOK - Zen and the Art of Motorcycle Maintenance - Robert M Pirsig]] From benthor: > [!quote] [@mnl](https://hachyderm.io/@mnl "mnl") I'd definitely study [http://akkartik.name/freewheeling](http://akkartik.name/freewheeling "http://akkartik.name/freewheeling") by [@akkartik](https://hachyderm.io/@[email protected] "[email protected]") > and [https://100r.co/site/uxn.html](https://100r.co/site/uxn.html "https://100r.co/site/uxn.html") by [@rek](https://hachyderm.io/@[email protected] "[email protected]") and [@neauoire](https://hachyderm.io/@[email protected] "[email protected]") > Both approaches look at computing from the bottom up. Uxntal even has hand-gestures and glyphs associated with its opcodes [https://wiki.xxiivv.com/site/uxntal_re](https://wiki.xxiivv.com/site/uxntal_reference.html "https://wiki.xxiivv.com/site/uxntal_reference.html") From danilo: > [!quote] [@mnl](https://hachyderm.io/@mnl "mnl") Topics: the leverage of zero marginal cost goods, why that's powerful, and how that power has been corrupted (radicalization algorithms, etc) > > On readings: The Information, by Glieck, is the survey of information theory history everyone needs. Deeply humanist in its frame, well-written, and thought-provoking about all the tech we take for granted ## My suggestions - [[Ivan Illich]] - [[BOOK - Tools for Conviviality - Ivan Illich]] - [[BOOK - Notes on the synthesis of form - Christopher Alexander]] - [[BOOK - Weinberg on Writing - Gerald M Weinberg]] - [[BOOK - Pedagogy of the Oppressed - Paulo Freire]] - [[BOOK - Mindstorms - Seymour A Papert]] - [[BOOK - Ubik - Philip K Dick]] - [[Telekommunist Manifesto]] - [[Philip K. Dick]] - Why don't you try rubbing a database on it conference proceedings ## Interesting links - [Readers pick the best tech books of all time - The Verge](https://www.theverge.com/23799444/readers-best-tech-nonfiction-books-of-all-time) - [Mastodon 🐘](https://mstdn.social/@aworkinglibrary/110746692394724429) which mentions [[Ursula Franklin]] - Ursula Franklin’s REAL WORLD OF TECHNOLOGY