# Fennel Lisp > [!quote] Fennel is a programming language that brings together the speed, simplicity, and reach of [Lua](https://www.lua.org/)with the flexibility of a  [lisp syntax and macro system.](https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Lisp_(programming_language)) > Homepage: [the Fennel programming language](https://fennel-lang.org) [[2023-01-06]] I've always been interested in [[Lisp Languages|LISP]], and [[lua]] is actually becoming something I really want to study in depth, because it hits so many points of what I think a good embedded substrate for programming language experimentation is, compared to say [[Javascript]] (my current hype platform). For example, it is running on [[Microcontroller]] and using a real lisp for [[Embedded]] is something super exciting: - [GitHub - whitecatboard/Lua-RTOS-ESP32: Lua RTOS for ESP32](https://github.com/whitecatboard/Lua-RTOS-ESP32/) ## Selling points - **Full Lua compatibility:** Easily call any Lua function or library from Fennel and vice-versa. - **Zero overhead:** Compiled code should be just as efficient as hand-written Lua. - **Compile-time [[Macros (Programming)|macros]]:** Ship compiled code with no runtime dependency on Fennel. - **Embeddable:** Fennel is a one-file library as well as an executable. Embed it in other programs to support runtime extensibility and interactive development. From [[2022-06-19]]: Using [[Fennel Lisp|Fennel]] to do [[HTML]] [[Frontend]] development in a [[Lisp Languages|Lisp]], running on [[OpenResty]], which is a [[nginx]] and [[LuaJit]] platform for [[Web Development]]: - [FHP - Fennel Hypertext Processor](https://github.com/MattRoelle/fhp) - [OpenResty](https://openresty.org/en/)