# Welcome to mnml's vault This is a public version of [[My Obsidian Vault]]. I also blog on [dev.to](https://dev.to/wesen) and at [the.scapegoat.dev](https://the.scapegoat.dev) You can find me on [[Mastodon]] at [@[email protected]](https://hachyderm.io/@mnl). Here is what I am doing [[NOW]]. Here is a list of [[PROJECTS]]. I also make [[Music]] ([[Techno]] to be more specific), and release under the name [slono](https://slonomusic.bandcamp.com/). I love computers, and thus I write a lot about the following topics: - [[Programming]] - [[Concurrency]] - [[Databases]] - [[Functional Programming]] I use some half-baked atomic note setup. I moved from [[Using Bear as a wiki]] to [[Obsidian]], and am still figuring out a good way to recall [[Zettelkasten]] [[Atomic Notes]]. In the meantime, you can have a peek at my in progress notes tagged with #🌱 . Being an recent Obsidian user, you know I'm into: - [[Ideation and brainstorming]] - [[🧠 Notetaking]] - [[Writing]] - [[My Obsidian workflow]] Feel free to read [[My published blog articles]] on this site as well. I also keep a pretty rough set of [[Cleaned up daily notes]]. I'm attending [[My retreat at the recurse center]] this summer and I couldn't be more excited.