# Glazed https://github.com/go-go-golems/glazed ## Github description > Add the icing to your structured data! Glazed is a library that makes it easy to output structured data. When programming, we have a rich understanding of the data we are working with, yet when we output it to the user, we are forced to use a flat, unstructured format. It tries to implement some of the ideas listed in [14 great tips to make amazing command line applications](https://dev.to/wesen/14-great-tips-to-make-amazing-cli-applications-3gp3). It is in early alpha, and will change. Contributions are welcome, but this project is going to be an experimental playground for a while, while I try to figure out what is possible and worth tackling. ![Command line recording of the functionality described in "Features"](https://imgur.com/ZEtdLes.gif) ## See also - [[TALK - GPN21 - GO GO GOLEMS TALK]] - [[TALK - 2023-07-25 - BOSTON GO - GO GO GOLEMS TALK]] - [[BLOG - 2023-03-13 - I want my software to be visionary]] ## IDEAs ### [[2023-08-06]] #### Adding plugins It would be cool to allow glazed middlewares to be loaded as plugins. What a plugin exactly is is unclear, I could picture it be: - a CLI tool that transform json in to json out - a go plugin that can be loaded, but that seems a bit tricky-ish - a GRPC/REST kind of server? That could fit in well with other features like [[IDEA - GO GO GOLEMS - 2023-08-06 - Expose remote CLI commands]]