# [[GO GO GOLEMS]] Idea Repository This is a wild list of ideas because I have way too many. [[2023-08-06]] The following ideas are inspired by processing [[SKETCHBOOK - 2023-05-29 - weinheim sketchbook]] p. 8-9 ## Greasemonkey with LLM driven CSS/HTML query and modification - Build [[Greasemonkey]] script to modify current page using a [[DSL]] and use LLM to manipulate said DSL, and potentially generate the interpreter to apply the DSL to the current page by prompting the LLM with the page content and css itself - See [[SK - 2n8 - LLMs and DSLs]] ## HTML and CSS querying in oak - GO GO TOOL to extract structured [[HTML]] and [[CSS]] for prompting (without actual content). Maybe this could be part of [[PROJ - GO GO GOLEMS - OAK]], because there is: [GitHub - tree-sitter/tree-sitter-html: HTML grammar for Tree-sitter](https://github.com/tree-sitter/tree-sitter-html) ## Add git support to [[PROJ - GO GO GOLEMS - OAK]] - It would be great to add support in oak to query different versions of a file, and for example expose diffs of certain queries, which is linked to [[2023-08-08#Claude for comments on code]] ## Log querying tool - a good tool to have is extracting structured data out of logs, using for example regexps and some helpers like json parsers - maybe [[IDEA - GO GO GOLEMS - 2023-08-05 - Reggie, regexp query and replacement program]] can do that ## Plugins See: https://github.com/go-go-golems/glazed/issues/329 - We could add plugins by loading wasm to run them inside geppetto... - Maybe this would work: https://github.com/hashicorp/go-plugin - Scaffold out plugins for other languages ## Scaffolding out - bash completion - RPC clients - documentation - example files - bare commands - integrate GPT integration In fact, we can expose any command as a plugin to other tools, so that it would be actually very easy to expose commands to funcmaps to mix and match all kinds of tools, even with circular dependencies so to say. - middlewares - commands - outputformatters - geppetto steps