# Prompt context manager See: - [[2023-03-11 - Glazed ecosystem]] - [[GO GO GOLEMS]] This is already started to be used as such inside [[PROJ - GO GO GOLEMS - GEPPETTO]] ## Sketch First sketch out: - [[SKETCHBOOK - 2023-05-29 - weinheim sketchbook]] p. 8-9 ![[IMG_1491.jpeg]] Ideas from that sketch: - functionality: add, diff, update, merge, share, log - import data from other source - provide access layers to local directories, DBs, external APIs, etc… (those could be done through registered plugins like below) - (note from [[2023-08-08]]) attach typescript and json schema to the access layers and plugins. In a way this is already done by the [[glazed.Command]] description - background processing of context entered (through some other pipelines), for example summarization - attaching simple deterministic processing to commands, for example other glazed commands, a bit like funcmap. These could be exposed over the API a bit like the processing middlewares in bknr - funcmaps of commands could actually all be solved by [[]] - validation, reprompting, validation component (for especially) - attach human annotations to pieces of context (this can be used for further prompting but also just for documentation in the UI) - add commenting and metadata editing section on prompt fragments - add versioning, forking, sharing (other people can basically edit and share "prompt context" apps) - if the prompt context building something that can be serialized into a yaml/bundle just like other GO GO GOLEMS apps? Sounds like it. Basically a list of fragment builders, a list of input parameters (for example, directory for the codebase, additional docs repository, etc…) - this means that there would be handlers for different prompt context types (already mentioned above as imports / access layers) - If we create a serialization format for the context manager, that means we can use git as a backend to handle commenting and versioning and sharing and forking, potentially ![[IMG_1492.jpeg]]