# NC Lacquer Notes by JB How much acetone should be used to make NC lacquer? The NC lacquer that I used contained 16% smokeless powder.   This content was verified by pouring out a small quantity into a tared piece of aluminum foil, recording the weight-then evaporating off the solvent and re-weighing to calculate the %.  For a 3g batch I determined 6.85-6.9 mls would give me the proper ratio of smokeless powder.   There are no hard and fast rules, but around 15-20% content seems to give a good viscosity. Jb: Acetone is a better solvent for smokeless but I prefer the alcohol blend to slow down evaporation rate I don't have any videos of making it, just one of how it should look when dissolved.  Putting the flask in hot water helps to get it dissolved, but you want to use a container with a lid or stopper to keep solvent loss minimal Jb: so first question, is the alcohol you're using neat, no water? If you have any water at all you will not be able to dissolve the smokeless. Jb: Yes, when I use the term NC lacquer, I am just referring to smokeless powder dissolved in solvent. I prefer to use a roughly 50/50 blend of acetone with any neat alcohol to reduce the evaporation rate. I have found mixtures of lacquer with nail polish makes an effective water proofing sealer, and I have also blended in a bit of aluminum powder for a hot particle donator. As many on this group know my preferred primer is based on EPNO (SINOXID) as it is cheap to make, very effective and works in primer types-am really liking this current version which I am calling EPNO-98v1, I've replaced the 'propellant fines' content with NC lacquer mixed with a bit of shellac so it can be loaded wet. I did make some styphnic acid recently but I haven't had time to make up EPS5, definitely want to try it out. Characteristic: when nc lacquer dries it's: Hard brittle resin, made from WC860 pull down powder --- If you want to make up primer sealer, there's no precise directions but I generally make it this way: 10 grams of some kind of smokeless powder Mix 50 mls of acetone with 50mls of either methanol, denatured alchohol, or 99% IPA. Dissolve the smokeless into this solvent blend. I find this is easier if I do this in a sealed jar and place it in a pot of hot water, take it out every few minutes and give it a good shake to mix, eventually all the powder should go into solution and the solvent with thicken up a bit. When you have your NC lacquer, then mix this roughly 50/50 with nail polish (20mls to 30mls). As long as you keep this well sealed it won't dry out and will last several months. Todd adds I make my sealer out of a 50/50 mix of fingernail polish and acetone. Marshall uses a 50/50 mix of fingernail polish and ethyl acetate to match the solvent in fingernail polish. My 50/50 mix is estimated but close to 50/50 and seems to work very well. Adding NC makes sense but I'm not sure if it is needed or worth the extra work. I use needle tip application bottles I picked up at Hobby Lobby. The key to using these bottles to is to stick a needle in applicator tip when you are done applying the sealer. If you don't, the applicator tip will seal up. Don't ask me how I know that. ![](MOCS/Notes/hobby.jpg) --- JB Recently replied: Dissolve smokeless powder into acetone or acetone mixed with straight ethenol (denatured).  I find it takes 7-10 mls per gram to get it all dissolved but it depends on the type of smokeless