# NC Fines - JB's IPA method #### Using exactly 91% IPA is important MW: JB accidentally stubbled upon this method to make "NC Fines". I'm going to add it to 'Aardvark' JB: I posted this pic a week or two again, about how I  mistakenly added 91% IPA to NC  lacquer attempting to thin it.  I thought it was 99%>.   This small amount of water caused the NC to precip as tiny particles I filtered that out, took the filter paper with the precipitated NC, which looked like a gel more or less, and let it evaporate very slowly with a petri dish placed over 99% of the open dish, letting the alcohol phase evaporate off first. Then when the NC particles were only water wet, I put the dish into a dessicator ![](https://i.imgur.com/NuL1VRl.jpeg) This is the result.  It looks exactly like the NC fines that I have prepped manually (and laboriously) by hand grinding.  I took this and ground it down a bit more and took it through a fine screen. ### Live Test Fire ![[nc fines live test.mp4]] [[Tutorials/Chemicals/Making the NC - Several Methods|Making the NC - Several Methods]]