# De-Anvil - Shake And Bake Method Here's Reno's method of removing those anvils He avoids physically picking them out After separating your primers wash them separately in batches ### Wash the Primers in Batches Wash the sorted Primers separately (always keep the pistol primers segregated from the rifle primers, but most importantly of all - keep those military hard cups (with it's dwarf anvil) isolated in a container apart from everything. Use the "hard primers" for the AR-15's 223/556, 300 Black Out and similar applications. https://rumble.com/vtrwm3-homemade-primer-series-part-2-washing-the-primers.html ### Shake and Bake Place your cups and anvils in a coffee can with the appropriate sized holes drilled into the lid (sp: 1/8 drill bit will do the trick) The "naked" anvils will be separated from the cups and stubborn/stuck anvils. Wash and repeat until the Shake and Bake isn't producing results. Now take your favorite pliers to hold the cups, safety glasses, good lighting, confortable chair, and some good music. Brace the cup and take a mini pick and pry the anvil out. Your [[Choice of the Pick]] is actually quite critical Wear your safety glasses!