This guide is about "learning in public" and sharing what we learn about using blockchain to solve real-world problems. We are focused on: 1. **Industry Reports** on how different industries are exploring how blockchain can help them solve real-world problems 2. **"What's New, What's Next and What's Coming"**: Understanding how blockchain can open up new opportunities for new markets, new businesses and new industries 3. **Blockchain and the Law**: Understanding how blockchain will work with legal systems and regulatory systems around the world 4. **Blockchain Fundamentals** 5. Helping you **Build Your Blockchain Strategy**: explore how blockchain can solve problems for your business, your organization, your industry ## Industry Reports - [[State of Blockchain Adoption]] report on which industries are exploring blockchain - Blockchain for [[Banking]] - Blockchain for the [[Derivatives]] Industry - Blockchain for the [[Insurance]] Industry - Blockchain for [[Stock Exchanges]] ## What's New, What's Next and What's Coming - Blockchain for [[weather data]] - [[Code is Law Revisited]] - [[Lessons from Autonomous Vehicles]] - [[Lessons from "The Future of Chainlink" by Sergey Nazarov]] - [[The Future of the Sharing Economy]] - [[Will Smart Contracts Replace Traditional Legal Contracts?]] ## Blockchain Fundamentals - [[Distributed Ledger Technology]] - [[DLT Software Providers]] - [[Smart Contracts -- Fundamentals]] - [[What is a Blockchain?]] - [[NFTs]] - [[proof of reserves]] ## Blockchain and the Law - [[How is a Smart Contract different from a Legal Contract?]] - [[Definition of Smart Contract]] - [[DAOs and the Law]] ## Building Your Blockchain Strategy * [[Using Blockchain to Simplify a Multi-party, Multi-step process]] * [[What Kind of Problems Can Smart Contracts Solve]]