If you're reading this you're one of my tutors, a friend of mine interested in SLA or you're looking for beginner level Indonesian language learning notes. > [!Where I am now] > Adding notes and reviewing Lessons 4 > Lesson 4 vocab to LR when my current queue has gone down >Working on Lesson 5 ## What is this I got into an intensive Indonesian language program and want to make sure I'm prepped before I go, and have a framework to take notes once I'm there. ## Materials used The material in these notes are largely drawn from [The Indonesian Way](https://indonesian-online.com/) online textbooks ($90/2 years access) and it may be challenging to use this set of notes without access. I generally prefer free and open access materials but the course I got into uses TIW so I'm using it. Also see tooling below. ## Tools used - [ Polygloss](https://polygloss.app/): a free mobile application that encourages L2 written production through a social, non-competitive creative game, $1.99 for pro subscription but most users won't need this - Note: this app can be frustrating for beginners and will be most useful after module 1 is complete - [Language Reactor](https://www.languagereactor.com/): $5/month for pro features, I use it by writing sentences of the new vocab words, adding them to it's text media viewer and then selecting the words I want to learn to be able to review them using the "Phrase Pump" feature. - Note: if you don't write new vocab as sentences the quiz subfeature will not work well - [Anki](https://apps.ankiweb.net/): free flashcard reader. I generally use this but am experimenting with Language Reactor. Definitely use Anki, it's free and open source and just great ## Study structure Right now I'm solo studying the course material, reviewing/previewing with Duolingo, Language Reactor and worksheets found online. I'm using Polygloss for language practice for short, creative production exercise ### Working with tutors I've just started this experiment and am working with 2 tutors, one doing a PhD in SLA locally and one informal community tutor. I'm focusing on grammar instruction and comprehension with my local tutor and going through a book "Pembelajaran BIPA" which teaches Indonesian language skills without using English as a medium of instruction. I may soon add regular review sessions with a third tutor just to go through the material as I learn it. - I meet with [Nay](https://www.italki.com/en/teacher/13352453) remotely for tutoring once weekly and strongly recommend her as a tutor. If you work with her ask for her non-English PDF materials to work from. ## Notes from Jess, for Jess I'm super, super unsure how well Language Reactor is going to work for vocab review, but thus far I really like the flashcards with context. Be prepared to go back and rework notes to use Anki instead if this tool doesn't work