# What's new in Human Generator V3 --- ## Big updates: #### **Batch mode!** Generate as many humans as you want in one go! ![[Pasted image 20211118114832.png]] ![[Release1.gif]] How it works is you add markers to your scene, as seen in the gif above. Then, after selecting some settings, you press Generate and one by one fully completed humans will be added to the markers. Read more on https://publish.obsidian.md/human-generator/Using+the+batch+mode/Using+the+batch+generator #### **Performance improvements, mainly for the batch generator.** We have added a lot of different quality settings to the batch operator so you can make humans that are seen at medium-long distance that render lightning quick or humans very close at the highest quality. In our internal testing, we've seen things like 10x lower render memory usage when using the lowest setting compared to the highest settings. Cycles get's a bit faster, Eevee and Material Preview can get a LOT faster if you use settings like the 'performance texture resolution'. Also, some improvements to the performance of 'normal' humans were made. We lowered the resolution of the eye and teeth textures, as they were defaulting to 4K textures before. You can now also select 1K or 512px textures for your human. We also removed a subdivision modifier that was added to the eyes by accident. #### **29 new poses** for a grand total of 52 poses! ![[Pasted image 20211118113400.png]] #### **30 hairstyle updates/additions** Some of these are brand new, some of these are remastered versions of our original hairstyles. ![[Pasted image 20211118115301.png]] Here is an example of the amazing quality of the new hairstyles: ![[Pasted image 20211118115433.png]] #### **Revamped hair shader:** Last update, we introduced an universal hair shader that works in both Eevee and Cycles. This update, the universal hair shader get's more realistic color gradients and an option for dyed hair! ![[Pasted image 20211118120011.png]] #### **Much improved interface for saving custom content!** ![[Release3.gif]] It is now much easier to save custom content, like hairstyles and shape keys. Not only is there an **automatic thumbnail button**, but the documentation is also much improved. You can find it on our WIP documentation site here: https://publish.obsidian.md/human-generator/Custom+Content *Please note: As of posting this message, the documentation for the clothing operators is not yet complete.* Oh, and we also added a pose saving operator! #### **Human Generator API** ![[Pasted image 20211118120940.png]] We've added an API to Human Generator, so you can control, create and edit humans with Python! To see the full documentation about the API, go to https://publish.obsidian.md/human-generator/API/API+Documentation #### **Tips & Suggestions** inside the interface. (Still lots of tips to be added) ![[Pasted image 20211118113406.png]] --- ## **Small Updates:** New corrective shape keys for sharp knee turns. See the before and after here: ![[Release2.gif]] We've added a progress bar to the baking operator. It is however kind of unpredictable if it will show up or not. We are still investigating this issue, as Blender's Python API is not very kind to people that want to implement progress bars unfortunately. :( ![[Pasted image 20211118122634.png]] The hair children are hidden button is now always visible at the top of the interface: ![[Pasted image 20211118113354.png]] --- ## **Coming in Human Generator V3.1:** - Automatically created haircards - Custom bone naming systems - Lower polycounts for batch humans. We did experiments with this, and using unsubdivide we could get the polycount 66% lower. However, the performance gains were minimal and there were issues at the UV seams. We are experimenting with a good way forward. - Fixing some weight painting issues no the original clothes and adding extra measures to prevent clothing clipping.