# LaTeX Official website: https://www.latex-project.org/ Documentation: https://www.latex-project.org/help/documentation/ %% Add a description below this line. It doesn't need to be long: one or two sentences should be a good start. Mention [[🗂️ 02.04 Auxiliary Tools by Category]] and any other relevant notes in this vault. %% LaTeX is a typesetting system designed for the production of technical and scientific documentation. It uses plain text to generate high-quality representation of mathematical and other specialized notation. See [[Mathjax and LaTeX Plugins]] for easy ways to integrate LaTeX into Obsidian. %% Hub footer: Please don't edit anything below this line %% # This note in GitHub <span class="git-footer">[Edit In GitHub](https://github.dev/obsidian-community/obsidian-hub/blob/main/05%20-%20Concepts/LaTeX.md "git-hub-edit-note") | [Copy this note](https://raw.githubusercontent.com/obsidian-community/obsidian-hub/main/05%20-%20Concepts/LaTeX.md "git-hub-copy-note") | [Download this vault](https://github.com/obsidian-community/obsidian-hub/archive/refs/heads/main.zip "git-hub-download-vault") </span>