# Markdown formatting plugins Plugins that make it easier to format or write markdown. ## Plugins in this category %% Add a bullet here and link to the plugins you'd like to categorize! %% - [[table-editor-obsidian|Advanced Tables]]: Improved table navigation, formatting, manipulation, and formulas - [[markdown-attributes|Markdown Attributes]]: Add markdown attributes to elements in Obsidian.md - [[obsidian-markdown-formatting-assistant-plugin|Markdown Formatting Assistant]]: This Plugin provides a simple Editor for Markdown, HTML and Colors and in addition a command line interface. The command line interface facilitate a faster workflow. - [[obsidian-underline|Underline]]: Add underline(`<u>xxx</u>`) with shortcut, and `<center>xxx</center>`, `[[#xxx]]`, `[[#^xxx]]` - [[cmenu-plugin|cMenu]]: cMenu is a plugin that adds a minimal text editor modal for a smoother writing/editing experience ✍🏽. ## Related categories %% Add links to other 02.02 - Category notes %% - For extending the Markdown syntax with richer content see [[Plugins with custom codeblock syntax]]. - [[Plugins to edit other file types]] %% Hub footer: Please don't edit anything below this line %% # This note in GitHub <span class="git-footer">[Edit In GitHub](https://github.dev/obsidian-community/obsidian-hub/blob/main/02%20-%20Community%20Expansions/02.01%20Plugins%20by%20Category/Markdown%20formatting%20plugins.md "git-hub-edit-note") | [Copy this note](https://raw.githubusercontent.com/obsidian-community/obsidian-hub/main/02%20-%20Community%20Expansions/02.01%20Plugins%20by%20Category/Markdown%20formatting%20plugins.md "git-hub-copy-note") | [Download this vault](https://github.com/obsidian-community/obsidian-hub/archive/refs/heads/main.zip "git-hub-download-vault") </span>