# Volunteer Plugin Doc Writers Half (maybe all?) the fun of using Obsidian is its comprehensive set of plugins. We recently crossed the 500 mark! However, a few plugins could use some better documentation. We'd like to help bridge that gap. We'll maintain a list of plugins that need better docs. You can reach out to the plugin developer and collaborate with them to help out. You don't necessarily need technical skills to contribute; you could add "Getting Started" pages to bring users up to speed about how to use the plugin. That said, some technical ability will be of help too. Don't be shy to contribute! The worst that could happen is that the plugin developer requests you write things slightly differently. Feel free to drop by on our Discord (`#plugin-general`) if you need help as well. ## Looking for help The following issues are collected automatically from GitHub issues of plugins. [[Plugins seeking help#Documentation|Plugins seeking help with documentation]] %% Hub footer: Please don't edit anything below this line %% # This note in GitHub <span class="git-footer">[Edit In GitHub](https://github.dev/obsidian-community/obsidian-hub/blob/main/01%20-%20Community/Contributing%20to%20the%20Community/Volunteer%20Plugin%20Doc%20Writers.md "git-hub-edit-note") | [Copy this note](https://raw.githubusercontent.com/obsidian-community/obsidian-hub/main/01%20-%20Community/Contributing%20to%20the%20Community/Volunteer%20Plugin%20Doc%20Writers.md "git-hub-copy-note") | [Download this vault](https://github.com/obsidian-community/obsidian-hub/archive/refs/heads/main.zip "git-hub-download-vault") </span>