Emerging from the expanse of my studio space are these new, small, intimate works. This collection is the first body of paintings I’ve created since relocating to Dunedin. They represent a significant step after destroying my previous works at the close of 2022. [![[20240425_01_Pink_Disc_DSCF4683_1000.webp]]](Pink%20Disc.md) [![[20240425_02_Untitled_Thomas_N_DSCF4691_1000.webp]]](Untitled%20(Thomas%20N).md) [![[20240425_07_Smileys_People_DSCF4694_1000.webp]]](Smiley's%20People.md) [![[20240425_04_Sythe_DSCF4688_1000.webp]]](Scythe.md) [![[20240425_05_Plug_DSCF4703_1000.webp]]](Plug.md) [![[20240425_06_Chaos_DSCF4697_1000.webp]]](Chaos.md) [![[20240425_03_Tinker_Tailor_DSCF4682_1000.webp]]](Tinker%20Tailor%20Soldier%20Spy.md) [![[20240425_08_Red_Moon_1000.webp]]](Red%20Moon.md) Born from a desire to break my unwritten rules, they are a progression from the pieces exhibited in the group show INTERPLAY in 2021. Introducing figurative elements was one provocation. I soon discovered I was still uncomfortable with having recognisable objects visible in my work. The works also draw upon the collages I experimented with at the end of last year. Making the collages, I found myself ‘painting with paper’. In these, the paint begins to echo torn paper. Many layers, colours, lines, shapes, patterns, and marks result in complex and balanced paintings. These paintings are made by thinking with my hands. I’m not trying to illustrate an idea; the painting is the thing. It’s complete. As Mark Rothko said, "…a painting is not a picture of an experience, it is an experience." I’m also not trying to paint pictures (which may be why I struggle with figuration in my work); I’m trying to make paintings. Other questions remained: How busy can I make a painting and make it work? What can I add? What more can I add? When will this break? What am I comfortable/uncomfortable with? Topics of interest explored when these works were made included change and resilience, making visible the invisible (feelings, thoughts, hidden self-knowledge), thought leadership, breaking one’s own unwritten rules, and managing complexity. The titles come from visual elements in the works or radio plays I listened to, including John le Carré’s [The Complete George Smiley Radio Dramas](https://archive.org/details/7_20240124). Talking about this new work with an artist friend, they said the paintings were “very me”, and they are. These are works that are separate from me but of me. And, like all good work, they have answered questions and left me with many more. --- All works are priced at $750 NZD each. Please [email me](mailto:[email protected]) if you’re interested in them.