# Summary Welcome to my Wiki! I decided that if I have to pay for ALL this a year, I will add all my stuff to here, not just my Fera World! There are a wide selection of books available for purchase either through the main website: http://lewisstockton.com/ or your favourite retailers! You can even find them on your Amazon store of choice! You can find a list of the books here: - [[List of Books]] Each 'Verse has its own section which you can access. You can use the search bar to find it via these tags or in the explorer at the side. **WORLDS/VERSES Tags** - Fera - #FeraWorld - Void Apostasy #VoidApostasy - Citadel Of Darkness #CitadelOfDarkness - Metro Of Ashes - #METRO - _Unnamed_Sci Fi_Setting_ - #SciFiSetting - .Net #Net **<< WARNING >>** Content on this site will be considered **Not Safe For Work,** there are depictions of nudity and violent actions, this world is not a safe world, it's a real world; fucked up shit happens. - [[Change Log]] If you are here to Roleplay, you can find starters linked below or by going to the section listed on the side bar: - [[Roleplay Starters]] # The World of Fera ## Summary Welcome to the World of Fera, the custom fantasy world set up by Lewis Stockton for the use of his books, novels, table top roleplay games and in-universe roleplays! Please see below for links leading to various sections. For a quick [[Fera World Basic Information]] page, please use the link << ## Categories - [[Timeline]] - [[Fera World Characters]] # The Void Apostasy ## Summary Welcome to the Void Apostasy universe! A science fiction universe set thousands of years in the future where a tyrannical human Empire attempts to keep itself from falling apart, beset by aliens, mutants and heretics. ## Categories # Citadel of Darkness ## Summary Welcome to the section dedicated to the novel [[Citadel of Darkness (Novel)]]. A dark world where a writer must create his own way out of Limbo. ## Categories # Metro Of Ashes ## Summary Welcome to the World of "Metro of Ashes." A hundred or so years after a catastrophic war, the world is a wasteland of frozen radioactive shit., Humanity survives in bunkers and underground facilities; few alive remember what happened or what caused their extinction. Some say nuclear war, some say extra terrestrial beings. What people do know is they are safer underground in the Ashes of the Old World. ## Categories # Sci_Fi_Setting ## Summary ## Categories # .Net ## Summary ## Categories