# Memex Welcome to my [Obsidian](https://obsidian.md)-based [[personal knowledge management|personal knowledge management (PKM)]] [[digital garden]]... thing! Or whatever you want to call this kind of [[Non-linearity|non-linear]], link-based [[wiki]] notes ...thing? Some might call it a [[second brain]], a [[Zettelkasten]], or simply a [[knowledge base]] similar to a personal Wikipedia. But, I have tended to name my various personal note systems "Memex" based on [[Vannevar Bush]]'s ahead-of-its-time [[Memex (concept)|memex concept]]. So, that's what I've been calling my Obsidian-based system too. ![img](https://blogger.googleusercontent.com/img/b/R29vZ2xl/AVvXsEge_cvWfNKCGvyxM9V09H-yoPPqZ__aQWwI0k45Puf52NecKjtBbqxPLv5V5gZQTA2BHBExDzqQh3MGdML3kaqfNS0sRazcEThs7evQNuy2r6xC7J-kp4YtIlpcibZ3bGvnFvuSCCbOK2U/s1600/memex2.jpg) *[Vannevar Bush's "memex" concept]* ## Non-linear and Organically Structured with Linked Notes This kind of note system (PKM/zettelkasten/wiki) relies heavily on links - not only traditional *forward* links like in webpages, but also "*backlinks*," which are links to notes that *themselves* link to that current note. These backlinks are listed at the bottom of each note and are crucial because they provide structure and basic organization with minimal effort. The usefulness of the links grow exponentially as you add notes and links because of the sometimes surprising relationships you discover among your own thoughts that you may not have otherwise recognized. Both kinds of links are also represented visually in the local graph in the right sidebar. And you can view all of my published notes together in a graph view by clicking on the 'Global Graph' button in the upper right graph. Here is what my Global Graph looks like in my local Obsidian app on my Mac: ![[graph.jpg]] *[Only some of these notes I make public on this website.]* ### Type System with Colors I use a type system where most notes are given a type and have default fields and colors. E.g, light green = general concepts/terms, turquoise = technology, purple = personal projects/responsibilities, red = sources/books/bookmarks, beige = people/organizations, dark green = places, blue = my notes/writing/thoughts, yellow = folders/organizational/MOCs/mind maps. ## My Notes I am still experimenting with the idea of publishing any of these notes. I don't really have a specific goal in mind other than I like the potential of non-linear and in-progress sharing of notes and thoughts as in the idea of [[digital garden]]s. #to/expand - indie web, ai slop, enshittification I am sporadically sharing notes in two main areas: 1. General concepts and topics of interest I learn about, which include [[Codex/Academia/Humanities, Arts, & Social Sciences/Philosophy/Philosophy|philosophy]], [[ethics]], and [[critical thinking]]. 2. My notes on [[Codex/Tech/Tech|technology]] which include [[Codex/Tech/Programming|programming]], [[DevOps]], [[Artificial Intelligence|AI]], and [[Making|maker culture]] ([[Raspberry Pi]]s and [[electronics]]). ### Jumping Off Points - Further thoughts on PKMs, thinking with notes, and writing - [[On why and how I use Obsidian as my PKM]] - [[On PKMs and the extended mind thesis]] - [[On notes as thinking]] - [[Thoughts on how to write good]] - [[Philosophy]] - [[Ethics]] - [[Expanding moral circle]] - [[Moral Psychology]] - [[Care ethics]] - [[Existentialism]] - [[Phenomenology]] - [[Existence Precedes Essence]] - [[Form of life (philosophy)|Forms of life]] - [[Critical thinking]] - [[Logic]] - [[Necessity and Sufficiency]] - [[Fallacy|Fallacies]] - [[Bias]] - [[Ludwig Wittgenstein]] - [[Wittgenstein's Ladder]] - [[Immanuel Kant]] - [[Transcendental idealism]] - [[Hannah Arendt]] - [[Banality of Evil]] - [[Friedrich Nietzsche]] - [[Philosophy of science]] - [[Commensurability & Incommensurability]] - [[The Structure of Scientific Revolutions]] - [[Explanatory power]] - [[Thorngate's Postulate of Commensurate Complexity]] - [[Daniel Dennett]]'s [[Intentional stance]] - [[Philosophy of technology]] - [[Futures Studies]] - [[Innovation]] - [[Creative destruction]] - [[Five Things We Need to Know About Technological Change]] - [[The extended mind]] - [[Ethics of Technology]] - [[Sustainable Computing]] - [[Permacomputing]] - [[The Vulnerable World Hypothesis]] - [[Ethics of artificial intelligence|Ethics of AI]] - [[Tech|Technology]] - [[Programming]] - [[DevOps]] - [[Operations, IT, & Infrastructure|Infrastructure]] - [[The Web]] - [[IndieWeb]] - [[POSSE IndieWeb Principles]] - [[Artificial Intelligence|AI]] - Sociopolitical - [[Politics]] - [[Vita activa]] - [[Life can only be understood backwards; but it must be lived forwards.]] - [[Mutual constitution of culture and mind]] - [[Good to Know™]]