Created: [[2023-08-24]] Modified: `= this.file.mtime` Welcome to my [[Digital Garden]] which I am building with [[Obsidian]]! I am building it with my "garage door open" so never mind if it looks a bit messy. ([Work with the garage door up]( [[Tervetuloa!]] is the Welcome page in [[Suomen kieli|Finnish]]. It is not a direct translation either way because that would be boring. Also I believe I think differently in Finnish and [[English]]. So if you master both languages you might as well read both. In the notes I am using both languages and occasionally other languages (mainly Swedish or French) depending on the source of information and often mixing both. Sorry for the confusion. Texts that are more or less final 🌲 will be either Finnish or English. I found Obsidian as a tool to take and organise notes in March 2023. I was reading the presentation of an other student - Unsu - in the [[SOFA Academy]] where I am studying [[Sosiokratia|sociocracy]]. In the presentation he linked to his digital garden and I got immediately interested. After almost half a year it seems that at times I am obsessed. So what do I do with Obsidian? I am taking my daily notes, my meeting notes, any ideas, information and concepts that pop up from external sources or from my mind. I can link those together and start the see the connections and develop synthesis. I can develop thoughts or write articles. That's why some call Obsidian their second brain (for thinking and for memory). So it reflects the part of us that can be verbalised - only a small part of us but nevertheless important because that is the part of us where we try to consciously understand what is going on. Apart from thinking Obsidian can be used for collecting data. It functions as a relational database. In my business I started to develop a [[CRM - Customer Relation Management]] system so that I could stop my subscription to [[Pipedrive]]. (I use CRM alone, not as a team). Last year I put a lot of effort to develop a plant database in [[ZOHO]] but now I am developing it into Obsidiann and will be able to stop the ZOHO subscription as well. I might as well learn only one system for different purposes. So how will this develop and is there any reason for you to come back later? I think that in English I will use Obsidian mainly for topics I have to think about in English anyway. Currently that includes [[Permakulttuuri|permaculture]] because I am currently doing my [[Permakulttuuridiplomi| Permaculture Diploma]] in English and [[Sosiokratia|sociocracy]] because I am studying it in English at the [[SOFA Academy]]. However I want to advocate both topics in Finnish so it will be a mix. Stay tuned!