Howdy there! I'm [Erin Mikail Staples](! 👋 This is my in-progress, constantly-updating, virtual digital garden. 🌱. This digital garden is a living, breathing, work-in-progress. Like many works-in-progress, this means that its not complete nor living. I'm [[Learning in Public]] through [[Curation]]. 🎨🧠 Find something that inspired you? Curious to know more about what I'm up to? Feel free to [get in touch](mailto:[email protected])or rather check out my [Now Page]( #### Things I'm currently obsessed with I studied within the [[Studio 20]] program at [[NYU]] under [[Jay Rosen]]. Jay taught us to find or current [[obsessions]], and would often encourage us to continue to follow our obsessions. **Here are some of my Current Obsessions [[Curation as a form of Knowledge Transfer]] [[Community Creators]] [[Fandom]] [[Community Building]] #### How to navigate this site This site, as aforementioned, is a constant work in progress. Feel free to click around and explore. I recommend kind suggestions and critiques on anything here and open to new forms of thought and recommendations that you might have in this process. **Here are some recent notes you might enjoy.** [[Readymade]] [[01 Table of Contents — Reading List]] [[Content]] [[What can community learn from game design?]] [[Games for Change]] [[Sid Meyer]]