## Folders - `00 Meta` transcends the "normal" contents of my vault by being more "about" my vault than actual notes. * `01 Attachments` is mostly screenshots I use as reference materials. * `02 Templates` is for files I have strict formats for, like article metadata, my newsletters, and common dataview queries. * `03 Guidance` is for notes to myself and others about how to use Obsidian, mostly, but also has style guides for various publications. * `04 Datascopes` is for handy dataview queries that, for example, pull in all of my questions, or help me sort to-be-processed files by number of links, etc. I used to keep these in my "pending" folder or whatever but I found that I had difficulty finding them again because they weren't really pending... they were meta ;) - `10 Pending` is generally for the products of automations and things I need to finish processing, like markdown files generated by Zotero or Readwise, photos/PDFs of handwritten notes, or links I "dumped" into my notes while in a hurry and on the go. * `11 Personal` * `12 Readwise Archive` * `13 Zotdumps` - `20 Entities` is how I keep track of key information about people and groups. * `21 Individuals` is where I file information like how reliable a source [[Roel Konijnendijk]] is and what his background is. * `22 Organizations` is where I file information about publications. Some are ones I can submit articles to, like [[Worldbuilding Magazine]], others are sources I get information from a lot, like [[ScienceDaily]]. I also index subreddits I spend a lot of time on, like [[rAskHistorians]]. * `23 Private` is for my notes about people I have more personal interactions with that don't necessarily make good candidates for demonstrating how I do CRM ;) - `30 References` is where I keep most of my evidence for things. * `31 External` is for files that don't have a lot of quotes and are basically just there to connect ideas that came from the source, i.e. [[caves were common along Medieval road networks via AskHistorians]] isn't something I felt the need to import all of, or use the highlighting function of Readwise for, but did want to connect the ideas that came from that discussion on [[Reddit]]. * `32 Annotated` is for "automated dumps" of highlights and quotes, whether they're from kindle, Readwise, Zotero, or whatever... after I've finished taking notes on them. * `33 Unaltered` is for full-text references like PDFs and markdown files created with Markdownload, which don't really have any annotations and I probably shouldn't share. * `34 Unread` is mostly all the PDFs I might read one day, but probably won't, but like to have on hand so that I can search them when I'm researching since I've already vetted them for being high-quality. - `40 Indexes` is mostly for lists of things. * `41 Assemblages` is where I keep index groups of people connected by profession or relationship or whatever, like all the [[pentesters who use Obsidian]]. Many of these are still aspirational lists, but I make them whenever I decide I want to keep track of particular types of people. * `42 Tools` is mostly my version of annotated bookmarks, where I list out things that are useful for different purposes, like [[research tools]] and [[writing tools]]. * `43 Stories` is mostly indexes (many powered by the dataview plugin) of different stories, be they all the chapters of a novel or all of the short fiction that might suit a particular anthology I'm working on developing. - `50 Information` is where the majority of what most people consider "notes" lives. * `51 Questions` is where I keep track of research into different things I'm interested in answering. * `52 Claims` — if I can be said to have a zettelkasten, this is it. I organize the vast majority of what most people would call notes into the format of "claim / evidence / explanation" which is to say that I title all of the files with a descriptive title that shows what the evidence could be used for, include a quote and a source, and sometimes even explain what it's related to or why I saved it. * `53 Concepts` is mostly a place to connect all the ideas related to a specific concept or region, like [[animals]] or [[Cyrus the Great of Persia]]. They aren't claims, they're just topical collection points. The backlinks for these are usually pretty valuable. - `60 Worlbuilding` is where I store the notes I need to keep my fiction writing consistent. * `61 People` is for character profiles and has a lot of dataview queries to help me keep track of which stories involve which characters. * `62 Places` is similar but for locations. * `63 Groups` is for in-universe organizations like powerful military groups or cultures. * `64 Events` is where I keep track of major wars, timelines, trade fairs, etc. * `65 Things` is mostly for all the other stuff that doesn't fit into a clear category. There are animals like the [[yhaoginli]] (giant spiders herded for their silk), diseases like [[bloodspot fever]], drugs like [[euphorigum]], etc. - `70 Products` is where all of the stuff destined for publication lives. * `71 Primitives` is where all my ideas for nonfiction articles live before they get fully developed. * `72 Primordial` is the same but for fiction. * `73 Complete` is where things go when I think they're done but am blocked from publishing it, for example if I finish a story but don't have an accompanying Afterword, or finished a nonfiction piece but haven't written a query yet to submit it somewhere that might publish it. * `74 Published` is where all of my newsletters go once they're live. They're organized by date and identifiable by the naming scheme, for example [[2022.04.20 Blame (MF)]] is a microfiction story I published in April 20, and [[2022.04.20a Blights are a big deal]] was the accompanying afterword / analysis piece. [[2022.04.25 Bats]] is a research overview; I can tell by the lack of the "a" and or length designator. * `75 Proprietary` are my copies of articles that are published on other outlets that I probably shouldn't redistribute. * `76 Submitted` are stories that are currently out on submission with pro-rate magazines, separated out from `Complete` mostly because they tend to have a bunch of different `.docx` versions floating around and there's a lot of clutter. * `77 Longform` are novels I'm working on that I prefer to keep out of the `Primordial` folder for ease of concatenation. - `80 Goals` is where I keep records of benchmarks, to be read piles, things I need to finish, tasks, etc. * `81 Logs` is things like my health log, my gratitude log, etc. I prefer this method to daily notes, although I do date them. * `82 Tasks` is for lists of things I need to do. * `83 Benchmarks` is for handy lists of things like "I can join SFWA once I have 3 pro sales" and "it's recommended to use a particular strategy when there are a certain number of newsletter subscribers, but not before." - `90 Life` is for all the other stuff that's mostly private and has the lowest proportion of actual markdown files of everything except the obvious attachments folders or places where reference materials live. * `91 Professional` is where my education / teaching / client / etc work lives. * `92 Family` is for my notes about my kid, toy ideas, gift ideas, ancestry stuff, pregnancy reflections, etc. * `93 Occasions` is where I keep my files for conferences and talks and presentations, but also party planning, vacation notes, etc. * `94 Forms` is for tax stuff, legal stuff, basically anything that is for government paperwork or like, "goes on a form." * `95 Hobbies` is where my notes about video games, sewing, gardening, etc. live * `96 Programming` is all the crap about sql database queries, css, how the Obsidian DOM works, plans for a redirects plugin, etc. * `97 Days` is my archive of daily notes that I don't want to delete yet. ## Tags `pkm/` - `process` is for all the stuff that comes in from Readwise so that it will be connected on my graph and not stress me out with all the orphans. - `xref` is for things I know I need to cross-reference with something that already exists in my vault, but couldn't necessarily remember the name of right then (often this tag gets added in my RSS reader or kindle app). - `indexThis` is similar to `xref` except I know that I'm adding it to a concept note or list, rather than trying to, well, cross-reference it. - `synthesize` is a more extreme version of `xref` in that I think there's a lot of potential to really have some original organic thought happening and work through an idea I'm not sure has "been done" much. - `finishReading` is basically what it says on the tin. I mostly use it for Zotero PDFs because I have a hard time marking "not done" any other way than just highlighting where I left off and adding this tag, so that when I export the stuff I got to so far, I don't forget about it. But generally these things are low priority for me because I've already gotten what I need from that file. `nonfic/` - `articleSeed` is for things I could use for an article. - `afterword` short posts between 500-1000 words that serve as accompaniments for the very short fiction for the [[The Iceberg]]. These get posted every Wednesday. - `thoughts` are advice and more philosophical pieces intended for the [[Obsidian Roundup]] - `essay` are longform pieces usually related to history or worldbuilding that are intended for publication on [[The Iceberg]] or an outlet like [[SFWA]], [[Tordotcom]] or [[Strange Horizons]] - `listicle` are usually intended to be pitched to [[Tordotcom]] and mostly serve as collection points for stories of a particular type or that teach information via fiction. - `review` is self-evident. - `evergreen` is the tag I use to denote that an article has been published and is something I can link to. - `twitterFodder` is the tag I use when I find information that relates to an evergreen article I've published, so I can use it to tweet follow-ups. - `overviewTopic` is the tag I use to collect ideas I could use for the Monday edition of the Iceberg newsletter specifically, since I like to keep an eye out for different pieces of overlapping information, and useful topics. I use tags so that once I have 5-9 bits collected I can spin them out into an actual research overview, and see which ones have the most content available at a glance. `fic/` - `storyStem` is something that makes for good inspiration for a short story I could write. - `expandWorldbuilding` is a piece of information I could use to flesh out the world of [[Verraine]]. - `editPending` is something that I have a plan for how to fix and should work on that... - `planNovel` is the tag I use when something is a meaty enough idea that it could become a novel. - `crossReference` is the tag I use when something I'm writing needs to be double-checked against something else I wrote, but I don't want to lose the groove of what I'm doing. `research` is the tag I use when I don't quite trust what I've read, or am not really sure about something, and want to follow up on it. `priority` is the tag I use for the one or two articles that are really ready for me to just sit down and write them when I have a block of time.