Welcome to the personal notes of Eleanor Konik. This vault is meant to showcase how I personally use Obsidian to manage a variety of things. My interests are generally in the areas of obscure science & weird history, but I also take notes about software, my fantasy world [[Verraine]], parenting, and gardening. These are working notes, genuine and messy, but I hope you find something valuable here. Because it’s a live website, some details (like metadata and commented out links) are hidden. Also, plugins won't work. If you’d like to download a significantly less sanitized version of this vault that will allow the plugins to actually do their thing, the `.zip` of my notes is available to [financial supporters of the Obsidian Iceberg, my research & fiction newsletter](https://www.eleanorkonik.com/#/portal/). Be warned, though — thar be spoilers, and I do charge... since it contains my full published-articles archive. If you’re interested in reading my [articles about notetaking knowledge management](https://www.obsidianroundup.org/tag/thoughts), check them out over at the [[Obsidian Roundup]]. I maintain the most [up to date list](https://eleanorkonik.com/obsidian-for-writing/) of resources like video walk-throughs, conference talks, and interviews there. You can also check out an explanation of [[my organizational structure]] right here in these notes. If you want a synthesized version of my notes and access to my fiction, as well as weekly analysis of educational history-and-biology related topics, subscribe to my [newsletter](http://eleanorkonik.com/). I’m also pretty active on [Twitter](https://twitter.com/EleanorKonik) and [Mastodon](https://pkm.social/@eleanorkonik), which I use as a space to discuss [[Impacts of Increasing Population Density|questions]] that come up in my research. Overwhelmed by all the files on the left & looking for somewhere to start? Check out my notes about [[equids]], [[funerary practices]], or [[sumptuary laws]]. Not totally sure how Obsidian works? Here's a quick and dirty guide on [[using Obsidian]]. If you see a broken link, it probably links to a file that was too big to upload, or something I changed the name of and haven’t properly updated, or a restricted file, like an article I’m still working on, or a note that contains personal information about other people (i.e. my child, or attendees to a party I’m planning using Obsidian).